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How To Find Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan

Note that Secret Pizza doesn’t open until 11 am. Before that, the record-lined hallway is blocked off by a sliding door.

Compared to Cosmopolitan’s numerous upscale dining options, Secret Pizza is about as casual and utilitarian as it gets. No fancy bells and whistles here.

Inside, you’ll find a minimalist, cafeteria-style pizzeria with only about 10 seats and 2 pinball machines.

If you need a spot to sit, just grab your slice and head out to the lobby for a seat, or work your way back toward the convention halls as there are plenty of seldom-used benches and chairs along the walkway.

Secret Pizza occupies a small space, so they usually only display 3-4 pizzas, although they have more than that hot and ready to go under the counter.

Don’t be shy – Ask what they have ready for purchase. My social anxiety got the best of me and I “panic ordered” the cheese and mushroom displayed below, not knowing more appealing options were ready to rock.

When it comes to quality, I was impressed… even though I lost my cool and didn’t order my preferred slice.

My pizza featured a crisp crust, minimal flop, and a high-quality golden brown layer of cheese. Unlike most other pizza by the slice options in Vegas, Secret Pizza’s wasn’t all that greasy.

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I’m a former software salesman turned Vegas aficionado. While the craps table is my preferred habitat, I pull myself away to explore new attractions, shows, restaurants, and outdoor activities around Las Vegas with the intent of sharing my experiences.

Ultimately, I just want to help folks plan a better trip and save a few bucks in the process.

More about me, here.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide

Today I am sharing all about our favorite places to eat on the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas is one of our favorite vacation destinations. We got at least twice a year, if not three times. We spend our time eating and drinking our way down The Strip. Hitting up our favorite restaurants and looking for new and exciting places to eat.

I’ve got cocktail bars, pizza, seafood, steakhouses, Italian food, Irish pubs, and more. Save this post to use as a reference when you are planning your next trip to Sin City.

You can see all of our Las Vegas posts here:

27 Best Las Vegas Desserts

Las Vegas is the perfect place to indulge in every way possible. My personal favorite Las Vegas indulgence is desserts!

So I’ve compiled a list of the best Las Vegas desserts you can get on The Strip, Downtown (Fremont Street), and everywhere else.

This is a perfect place to stop by on a hot summer day in Vegas. It is located along the shops and restaurants by the LINQ High Roller Observation Wheel.

They have a ton of different flavors (which you can sample) and we like to stop in and share a scoop or two as a snacky snack.

We stop by here at least once on every trip to share a Nutella and banana crepe. La Creperie is a small window inside Paris Las Vegas where you can get sweet and savory crepes made to order.

They’re pretty big, but not too big that you can’t devour your own if you wanted.

We actually stopped by here because we had won a 2-for-1 buffet at the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. But buffets were still closed at the time.

We asked the rewards desk if they were pushing back the deadline to use it and instead they offered to change the voucher to any one of a handful of places at their property.

We opted for District Donuts just to get a couple snacks. Mardi Gras was coming up, so when I saw they had King Cake I knew that was the dessert I was going to get!

They also had a cool brand of Sarsaparilla so we shared one of those as well. They also had a Creme Brulee Cinnamon Roll which sounded interesting, so we added that too!

District Donuts is located at the Cosmopolitan food court area on the 2nd level.

We decided to stop in here one night because the restaurant we had dinner at wasn’t offering any desserts that we like, so we figured we’d get something from the bakery and just bring it back to our room.

On our first stop here, we got the sampler of “lobster tails”. Each one had a different filling.

There was a Cookies and Creme, Nutella, Salted Caramel, and a regular Vanilla filling.

Personally, I feel like the lobster tails were too thick and crunchy to chew through, but after refrigerating them and eating them the following day, they softened up perfectly.

We noticed the 4th of July themed desserts too, but didn’t want to order too much at once.

The next day, we went back to the bakery so we could get the 4th of July cake and the cookie with sprinkles. Both were delicious and very cute!

We ate them while we watched the fireworks from our room at Bally’s.

Carlo’s Bakery is located inside of the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian across from Buddy V’s.

UPDATE: This location has permanently closed!

Because it’s meant to represent Paris, this buffet has all you can eat macarons as part of their dessert selection.

There are a ton of different flavors and last time I went I tried them all.

Sugar Factory really has it all. Not only are all of the drinks amazing, but so are the desserts.

You can just about any kind of milkshake, including their “Insane Milkshakes” which are loading with all kinds of toppings including s’mores, donuts, and cupcakes.

Sugar Factory also offers sundaes, dessert hot chocolates, cheesecake, chocolate cake, an oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, a cookie skillet, plus a variety of waffles and crepes.

This place is most known for it’s trash can nachos, but they also have a signature dessert. The Seven-Layer Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cake is only $13.99, but you must be 21+ to order.

It’s made with whisky creme anglaise, salted whiskey caramel sauce, and a crumbled toffee bar.

Their other dessert option is the Cheesecake Challenge, which is also $13.99. It’s 1/2 a NY style cheesecake, topped with potato chips, pretzels, and hot fudge.

This is one that I know you can find in the grocery store, BUT the reason I wanted to include it in this list is because if you sign up for their emails you can get a free treat on your birthday!

This is obviously subject to change at any time, but that’s how we found it the first time.

We were staying at The Elara which is a Hilton Grand Vacations property right on The Strip. It’s located in the shops that the hotel is attached to.

It’s also just a nice place to get a cheap snack while you’re out and about!

We always love a good Irish Pub. You can generally expect a dessert like bread pudding at these kinds of places and this one does not disappoint.

Ri Ra Irish Pub is located in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay.

After your dinner of some of the best prime rib in the world, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of desserts.

They have sticky toffee pudding, flourless chocolate cake, coconut banana cream pie, English trifle, creme brulee, and their signature CC Brown’s Hot Fudge Sundae.

Another great steakhouse in Las Vegas is Vic & Anthony’s, located downtown at the Golden Nugget.

Here we had a bread pudding that had the perfect amount of toppings so it didn’t get too dry.

Sopapillas quickly became my favorite dessert when I discovered they existed.

With a little bit of a honey drizzle and some powdered sugar, they are the perfect treat.

This giant carrot cake is enough to feed the whole table for dessert. It’s one of my favorite carrot cakes because there are so many toppings mixed in rather than just being cake with some icing.

Claim Jumper is another restaurant located at the Golden Nugget downtown.

This is a small hot dog stand at the Grand Bazaar Shops outside of Bally’s.

They have fried Oreos for dessert and you can get a small order of just 3 to snack on while you’re browsing the shops or walking down the Strip.

The signature dessert at Black Tap are their Crazy Shakes! These milkshakes are piled high with all kinds of toppings, including a whole slice of cake. You can check out Black Tap at the Venetian.

This restaurant at Encore has a signature dessert, the Sinatra Hat. It’s made up of chocolate mousse and milk chocolate panna cotta.

This restaurant at the Palazzo pairs Oreo Zeppole (deep fried oreos), with a vanilla milkshake.

This super popular restaurant at the Venetian offers a giant fortune cookie. This fortune cookie is filled with white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse, and topped with fruit.

Located at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, the Titanic Sundae is massive. It’s made up of 6 scoops of ice cream and is topped with fruit, hot fudge, whipped cream, and chocolate wafer straws.

This restaurant at the Bellagio offers a Cigar as dessert. This dessert cigar is made up of milk chocolate, pear, and hazelnut. It’s kind of like those videos where you’re supposed to guess if it’s real or it’s a cake!

This restaurant at Paris Las Vegas serves traditional sticky toffee pudding. But it’s not the only place in Vegas where you can get some!

This restaurant at Caesar’s Palace also serves traditional sticky toffee pudding. But, there’s even more places where you can get this!

Another Gordon Ramsey at Caesar’s Palace where you can also get the traditional sticky toffee pudding.

This restaurant at Planet Hollywood also serves sticky toffee pudding, but it comes in the form of a push pop!

Okay, this is the last of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants. This one is at the Linq Promenade and they serve sticky toffee pudding as shakes.

This restaurant at Planet Hollywood serves a 24 LAYER chocolate cake! Half the layers are made up of chocolate cake and the other half are made up of chocolate filling. Then it’s topped with chocolate ganache.

This restaurant is located inside the Cosmopolitan. They serve a traditional flan.

Types of Pizza

We think you’ll have a marvelous time exploring these pizza restaurants in search of your perfect pizza!

Before you go running off on your pizza adventure, let’s take a look at the different types of pizzas.

The Neapolitan Pizza

The Neopolitan is often considered the original pizza that was brought to this country by Italian immigrants.

The dough is made with a special wheat flour that makes the crust crunchy and thin. Unlike many other pizzas, this pizza doesn’t pile on the toppings. The addition of minimal toppings is done to keep the crust crisp.

Typical toppings include tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil.

Check out Settebellos!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is thick with toppings and has a medium crust thickness. This pizza requires additional cooking time because of the thickness.

The fun thing about this pizza is that the cheese is usually placed on the bottom and the other toppings added on top of the cheese. The sauce is placed on the top layer. This is one pizza you might want to grab a knife and fork to eat.

Check out Giordanos!

Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian Pizza is normally made in a rectangular shape. The crust is thick, and the pizza is a great choice for a crowd because it’s often large.

It’s popular to top a Sicilian pizza with a stronger cheese than one would normally see on a pizza. Alternately, some Sicilian pizzas are topped without the use of cheese.

Check out the California Pizza Kitchen!

California Style Pizza

California Style Pizza is known for the out of the ordinary toppings. If you’re interested in toppings that include things like pate, duck, BBQ chicken, broccoli, or salmon… this is the pizza for you!

Dessert and breakfast pizzas are considered California styled.

New York Style Pizza is made to be folded in half, which makes it easier to eat for people on the go. Because it’s made to be folded, the toppings aren’t piled on like some pizzas. The crust is typically thin and crisp.

While there are several other pizza types, they are variations of one of the above-styled pizzas with a change in toppings or crust design.

Where are the best pizza places near me?

Below you’ll find a list of recommended pizza restaurants in Las Vegas, Downtown, and the Summerlin area.

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Things To Do On Fremont Street

Fremont Street Experience Light Show: Among the most popular things to do downtown is taking in the light show on the Fremont Street Experience canopy which is fresh off a $32 million upgrade. The screen, which is 1,375 feet long, and suspended 90 feet overhead is now illuminated day and night, although is more impressive after dark.

Live Entertainment Under the Canopy: In addition to the canopy light show, the Fremont Street Experience is known for its live music, offered free of charge on 3 separate stages.

Check the entertainment calendar and plan your visit downtown to align with your preferred musical acts.

Another Live Music Option: The Sand Dollar Lounge is open at Plaza and offers live music nightly. As one of the only spots to find live music downtown (aside from shows put on by the Fremont Street Experience), the Sand Dollar is generating a lot of buzz.

Explore The Movie Prop Experience: A museum of sorts in Neonopolis, The Movie Prop Experience is a museum dedicated to showcasing props from hit movies that span the spectrum of genres from horror to sci-fi.

See Las Vegas history: Among the best things to do on Fremont Street besides gambling is jumping from casino to casino to see historic artifacts and windows to the past that are on display.

While a full list of historic things to see on Fremont Street can be viewed here, I recommend putting Golden Gate at the top of your list.

There, you will be able to open a small unmarked door revealing a piece of Golden Gate’s original wall. Additionally, you can check out an intricately designed fountain which is a relic of the early 1900s.

Eat a great steak: Downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of great steakhouses that come with a more “vintage” vibe than those found on the Strip.

Among my favorite places to eat a great steak on Fremont Street are Hugo’s Cellar at 4 Queens, Andiamo at The D, Top of Binion’s Steakhouse at Binion’s, and Triple George at Downtown Grand.

Or, eat cheap: Downtown Las Vegas has numerous cheap food options that range from sit-down options to fast food.

Check out my breakdown of cheap food options on Fremont Street here.

Grab a Slice: On the topic of cheap meal options, two of the best pizza-by-the-slice spots in Las Vegas are located downtown.

I can’t recommend stopping by Pizza Rock at Downtown Grand, or Evel Pie on Fremont East enough.

While Pizza Rock is my personal favorite (pictured below) they’re both spectacular… and cheap!

Mob Museum: Located just steps from the Fremont Street canopy, the Mob Museum provides a window into the Mob’s influence on Las Vegas and the United States as a whole.

With 20,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Mob Museum is jam-packed with information and deserves to be atop your list of things to do on Fremont Street besides gambling.

Related: See my Mob Museum Review, here!

See a show: Although shows on Fremont Street are less numerous and lack the grandeur of their peers on the Strip, there are some quality comedy and magic show options that deliver value.

A few top options include:

Visit a speakeasy: There are two speakeasies on Fremont Street that offer a unique experience and are worth a stop.

The first is The Underground at the Mob Museum and the other is The Laundry Room at Commonwealth. Click on either for more info and entry instructions.

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Container Park: Across the street from El Cortez, the Downtown Container Park is an outdoor mall constructed entirely of shipping containers.

In addition to numerous shopping outlets, bars, and restaurants, the Container Park offers live entertainment (view the Container Park’s entertainment calendar), a playground for the kids, and yard games.

If you’re visiting with a spouse or significant other, bring a lock, and attach it to the love lock display. Rumor has it, your relationship is guaranteed to last if you do… can’t hurt!

A free, firey, show: Outside of the Downtown Container Park, is an enormous praying mantis that shoots fire from its antennae nightly.

The free shows begin after dusk and are choreographed to music.

“Unleash your inner Viking”: Looking for unique activities on Fremont Street? Look no further than Axehole. The venue serves up drinks while allowing guests to throw axes, ninja stars, tomahawks, and spears at wooden targets.

They also have a “smash room” where you can destroy an assortment of items including printers, plates, and other fragile items. Could be a good spot to take de-stress after a bad beat on the tables.

Drink cheap: Ranking among my favorite non-gambling things to do on Fremont Street is taking advantage of cheap drink and happy hour deals – And there are plenty of them!

Check out my full list of downtown Las Vegas happy hour deals here!

A Rotating Bar: While not as inexpensive as some of the happy hour deals previously mentioned, Whiskey Liquor Up’s rotating bar at Binion’s offers great views of Fremont Street properties.

Grab a Craft Beer: As a beer person, seeking out a craft brew is at the top of my list of non-gambling things to do on Fremont Street.

Both Chicago Brewing Company at 4 Queens and Triple 7 Brewing at Main Street Station serve craft beer at a palatable price.

See Stadium Swim: Circa, the newest resort downtown is open and is a must-visit. Among the resort’s signature amenities is their Stadium Swim rooftop pool deck and amphitheater.

Non-hotel guests can access the pool for a cover charge of around $20 on most days (although it can be more).

There, you can take advantage of Stadium Swim’s heated pools, swim-up bars, and a gigantic screen that will always be playing the big game.

There’s no better place to sweat a sports bet.

See The Tank: The runner-up for Fremont Street’s best pool scene is The Tank at Golden Nugget. The pool itself surrounds an enormous 200,000-gallon aquarium with various aquatic species including sharks.

During the summer months, non-hotel guests can usually access the pool for a nominal cover charge, but you can take a peek for free. As far as “can’t miss” activities on Fremont go, seeing The Tank at GN is up there.

Don’t Tell Mama: A New York style piano bar in Neonopolis, Don’t Tell Mama showcases world-class piano talent nightly.

Additionally, the waitstaff are aspiring performers and take the stage themselves. Where else does the staff serve AND entertain? While there are a plethora of bar options downtown, Don’t Tell Mama ranks among the most unique.

See some gold: The largest golden nugget in existence weighing in at 61-pounds is known as the “Hand of Faith” and was discovered in 1980 by a random guy in Australia playing around with a metal detector.

Although the one on display at the Golden Nugget is rumored to be a replica, I still find it to be a neat diversion.

There are also over 1,000 ounces of gold on display at Circa’s Legacy Club.

Enjoy a HUGE breakfast: If you follow any Las Vegas-focused social media groups, you have likely seen images of Hash House a Go Go’s enormous portions. Especially if you desire a solid “base” before drinking, HHAGG is a great option.

Enjoy a free meal if you’re huge: Heart Attack Grill offers free meals to those weighing in at 350 lbs. or more. Even if not eating, taking a peek inside HAG is a Vegas oddity I can’t resist.

Guests wear surgical gowns, and the wait staff spanks customers that don’t finish their food with a wooden paddle.

Slotzilla: Among the most thrilling things to do on Fremont Street besides gambling, Slotzilla sends adrenaline junkies flying on a zipline over the pedestrian mall below.

Riders choose between the lower, 77-foot high zipline which is 850 feet long, and the taller 114-foot high zoomline which is 1,700 feet long.

I recently braved my fear of heights and rode SlotZilla’s Super-Hero Zoomline – Check out my experience!

See the Antiques at MSS: Main Street Station is home to a unique collection of historic antiques from around the world. While antiques are usually lame, I can assure you that this collection is legitimately cool.

Complete with items like a section of the Berlin Wall, Louisa May Alcott’s railcar, and Winston Churchill’s snooker table, there is sure to be something you care to see.

View Poker History: Check out the names and pictures of the poker legends that comprise the Poker Hall of Fame at Binion’s.

Drink a Scorpion: One of the more unique, and disgusting, things to do on Fremont Street is the “Scorpion Shot” at Nacho Daddy. Apparently, 55,000 people have been crazy enough to try one since 2010. Don’t stress the scorpion, they are already deceased and the stinger has been removed.

Karaoke: Whether you are singing, or just like watching people make a fool of themselves, Karaoke is offered at the Cat’s Meow in Neonopolis nightly.

Shop for Toys: The Toy Shack, owned and operated by Pawn Stars Expert Johnny Jimenez Jr. specializes in historic and memorable toys from your youth. Stop in to meet the Pawn Stars personality, and check out the collection!

Related: Things to do with kids on Fremont Street, and around Vegas!

Street Performances: Street performers and buskers on Fremont Street come in all shapes, sizes, and talent levels. One of my favorite non-gambling activities is watching the more talented acts do their thing.

While most aren’t worth your time, and could even be described as an eye/earsore, there is occasionally some legitimately cool talent on display.

Go-karts: Located in Neonopolis, Gene Woods Racing “Drift” Experiences will have you ripping around an indoor track on all-electric go-karts.

Score Some Cheap Shrimp: A foundational element of the Las Vegas culinary scene, shrimp cocktails were historically used as a loss leader to draw people into the casino. Nowadays, a cheap shrimp cocktail is harder to find.

Fortunately, the cheapest option in Vegas can be found at Fremont’s Lanai Express for .99 cocktail daily.

Full disclosure: It isn’t the best shrimp cocktail you’ll ever eat, but the price is right.

Sigma Derby: While I promised a list of things to do besides gamble, Sigma Derby can be done cheap, and hardly counts as gambling in my opinion.

Located upstairs at The D, Sigma Derby is a mechanical horse racing game that can be played for as little as a quarter per race. Plug the quarters into the machine, pick the horses you think will win, then watch them go! It’s a legit blast.

Think of it as an old-school arcade game in which you can win some money.

People Watch: Fremont Street attracts some of the most unique people you will see in your lifetime. I recommend grabbing a seat at one of the numerous bars with seating overlooking the pedestrian mall, sit back, and enjoy.

My preferred people watching perch is along the rail overlooking Fremont Street at Binion’s Whiskey Licker Up bar.

Things to know before you go to Las Vegas

Still can’t decide which restaurants to try? Try this quiz to decide where to eat or check out the best buffets of Vegas. Make sure to read about the best hotels in Las Vegas before you book a trip. Working out the budget for your trip? Read our cost breakdown guide too!

What is your favourite restaurant in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below!

Travel essentials:

What to pack

Pinball Hall of Fame

This brings out the kid in all of us. Here you will find over 10,000 square feet of vintage pinball machines. Don’t forget to bring a few rolls of quarters and indulge in your inner childhood. You will discover pinball machines from the 1950s to newer 1990 models.

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Las Vegas Strip

Skybar Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Bar

Chandelier Bar Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Speakeasy Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nightlife

The Vanderpump Cocktail Garden is another beautifully aesthetic cocktail bar. It is owned by the Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump, and located in Caesar’s Palace near the Forum Shops. This is where you will want to get all your Instagram photos. The decor reminds me of Alice in Wonderland mixed with Beauty and the Beast, but they describe their bar as a glamourous garden oasis. Either way, it is magical!

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

They have a great selection of hand-crafted cocktails and lite bites. You must try the Vanderpink Margarita, their most popular drink. It tastes amazing! If you are looking for a cocktail bar with a beautiful atmosphere then this is it!

Things to do in Las Vegas

The Skyfall Lounge made the top 5 list for it’s incredible 180-degree views of Las Vegas. Located on the 64th floor of the Delano hotel, this bar has floor-to-ceiling windows as well as an outdoor patio. The vibe is similar to Skybar at the Waldorf Astoria, but the atmosphere is a little more loose and fun. I would recommend getting a reservation to secure a nice table with a view.

Rooftop bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bars

Located at the top of the STRAT hotel, 108 Drinks in another sky-high bar with incredible views. I have yet to visit this bar, that is why it is listed as a bonus bar. It looks pretty awesome though. They have happy hour Monday-Thursday from 3-7 pm. Let me know if you have been there and if it is worth the visit!

Best Bars in Vegas

There you have it! The 5 best bars in Las Vegas! From beautiful cocktail bars, speakeasies, and rooftops, you definitely won’t run out of options to have a great time! What are some of your favorite Las Vegas bars?

5 stars
I was very pleased to uncover this great site. I need to to thank you for ones time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you book-marked to see new things in your website.

Thanks for a quick guide to some really great looking bars. (I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to read half a book before getting to the purpose of a blog. Haha.) I have three down I think would be right up our alley. This is our first time visiting.

Happy to help ? I hope you have the best time!

1. Old School Pizzeria

Old School Pizzeria, owned by Sicilian Chef Giovanni Mauro, features an eclectic Italian cuisine menu.

This pizza place is dedicated to serving top-quality food and ingredients.

You won’t have to worry about that sluggish, bloated sensation after eating one because they aren’t baked with commercial yeast.

Plus, you can enjoy a slice in a cozy ambiance with warm lighting and cushioned seats.

The Vegas Meets Italy deserves the top spot for the best Las Vegas pizza, and you have to try it.

The toppings include mozzarella, ricotta, arugula, dates, heirloom cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, and pistachio.

It is baked in a wood-burning oven, so you get the distinct smoky flavor that stands out.

The Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas on a Budget

Trying new restaurants and food is one of my favorite things to do when traveling — and Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to do it. 

Some of the best places to grab a bite in Vegas aren’t super fancy or expensive – but they sure are mouthwatering!

Let’s get to the food, shall we?

Gluten-Free In Las Vegas: Accommodation

Good gluten-free restaurants are hard to find, so sometimes I find it better to avoid eating out for some meals. So, instead of a hotel, we rented a one-bedroom Airbnb that slept six people.

The location was perfect, next to the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip, and a great option for those on a budget.

Having a full kitchen meant I could bring some of my own ingredients, make gluten-free food, and be 100% gluten-free. Instead of eating breakfast in a restaurant, I packed gluten-free cereal and rice milk (yes, I’m lactose intolerant too).

I bought fruit from Walgreens on the strip to have with breakfast. I also packed my favorite gluten-free snacks and Tim Horton’s tea since I couldn’t buy that in the US (and can’t live without my Tim Horton’s tea!)

Having a place to stay with a fridge allowed me to eat some meals at my home away from home. As a result, I was able to have healthy food and remain gluten-free in Sin City.

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We have happily fed many amazing clients and companies
here are a couple we are proud to share.

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3041 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

This family-owned restaurant has amazing food. Having been in the business for over 40 years they know one thing and its excellent Mexican food. Starting in San Diego, California, the chain has managed to make its way to Las Vegas, and we are so happy for that. The place is always busy, a good sign that the food really is as good as the hype. Another thing that makes this place great is just how affordable it is for being on the strip.

Tacos El Gordo has two other locations off the strip in Las Vegas.

Find the best deals in Vegas

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