Katz’s Deli

One of my favorite places to eat in NYC is Katz’s Deli.

This place has been feeding hungry New Yorkers on the Lower East Side of Manhattan since 1888. 

Katz’s Deli is famous first, for outstanding pastrami creations, the quintessential New York City sandwich. Second, it’s famous for being the place where in the movie “When Harry Met Sally,”  Sally mimes an orgasm and the woman at the next table tells the waiter, “I’ll have what she’s having.” BTW, did you know that woman, Estelle Reiner, was the director’s mother?

When you go in – there’s usually a line – you are given a ticket. With this ticket, you go up to the deli counters and tell the staff what you want. They’ll mark your ticket.  You pay when you leave.

You can see them cut and expertly prepare your sandwich.  They also serve corn beef, hot dogs and knishes but the pastrami is the star.

The sandwiches are huge enough to share and come with all sorts of little pickles, coleslaw and other trimmings.

The place is huge and looks like it hasn’t been renovated since the 1950s but that’s part of its charm, and nobody cares, you go for the food. This is really one of the best famous places to eat in NYC for an affordable and satisfying meal.

When you leave you take your little ticket and pay at the exit. Fast, cheap eats, fun and delicious. Katz’s is certainly one of the best famous and affordable places to eat in NYC.

Another thing I like about Katz’s is the neighborhood it’s in, one of NYC’s most interesting. You can walk around for hours and visit unique NYC spots like the Tenement Museum and SOHO.

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Peter Luger

The unforgettable steaks at Peter Luger makes them one of the most iconic restaurants in New York City. Dating back to 1887, this cash-only establishment takes great pride in focusing on perfectly cooked dry-aged steaks and keeps frills to a minimum (luckily for us).

We celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday at this iconic NYC restaurant and landed on the porterhouse for two. The steak came out sizzling hot (generously buttered, of course) and within one bite we found ourselves speechless. The filet minion portion of the cut had a velvety smooth texture that is hard to put into words and get out of your head.

We opted for the creamed spinach side dish and found ourselves impressed, but the bacon at the neighboring table looked too tempting to pass up on our next visit to this iconic new York City restaurant.

Address: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

What to See & Dothings to do in midtown nyc

Bryant Park—My favorite green space in the city. Behind the public library, Bryant Park is the perfect place to rest your feet for a bit. In the summer, there are free film screenings Monday nights on the lawn. In the cooler months, check the Winter Village (think ice skating and tons of shops).

Public LibraryThe public library is one of NYC’s gems. The Rose Main Reading Room steals the show; plan on spending about 30-40 minutes exploring the library.

Rockefeller Center—Rockefeller Center is almost as jam-packed with tourists as Times Square is, so visit at your own risk. In the winter, it’s decorated with tons of lights and the ice skating rink is always full.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral—St. Patrick’s is a Neo-Gothic style cathedral with the most incredible arched ceilings. Not to mention it’s absolutely massive (an entire city block!). It’s a working cathedral, so check their service schedules in advance, otherwise you won’t be able to explore much.

Empire State BuildingHonestly, I don’t think the Empire State Building is worth waiting in line for, but I wanted to mention it since it’s a point of interest for many. If you want to see NYC from up high, visit a rooftop bar instead.

Times Square—NYC’s #1 tourist spot is always crowded. Check out Times Square at night for a more magical (and slightly less crowded) experience.

See a Broadway Show—NYC has the best shows, period, end of story. Check out my tips on how to score cheap Broadway tickets before you visit Midtown.

Morgan Library & MuseumOne of my favorite underrated NYC museums, the Morgan Library & Museum was once the private library of financier JP Morgan. The library looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast, and the museum has a rotating display of rare books and manuscripts.

Museum of Modern Art—The MoMA is best visited with friends, in my opinion. I prefer discussing modern art with others, because the meaning of each piece is lost on me otherwise.

Local’s Guide to some of the Best Places to eat in New York City

local dishes of new york city

Enjoy Fork free chicken and waffles with the very innovative and delicious Chick’n Cone! I had first tried this during a food festival in New York City and ever since then, I’m in LOVE with chick n cone.

You get a crispy waffle cone filled with delicious chicken drizzled with your favorite sauce which you basically eat like an ice cream cone! My favorite is their Kick’ Ranch sauce.

Location: Turnstyle Market (11-8 M-F, 11-6 Weekends)

chicken in waffle cone - Chick n Cone


This place gives a new spin on desserts with their unique creations. Pictured here is their famous ‘Harvest Cheesecake’ which is shaped in the form of a potted plant. It has layers of berries, soft cheesecake, meringue kisses, crushed Oreos on top and is served with raspberry sorbet and black rose milk tea.


Harvest Cheesecake, Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

Their Green tea lava cake and Green Tea-ramisu are also equally fancy looking and delicious.

Location: 13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

I could’talk about New York food and skip the iconic Halal Guys’ cart. While they have now opened up in other states, the original Halal Guys started in New York City and remain ever so popular even today. 

Whether you order their combo platter or gyro sandwich, once you taste them, you will realize why tourists and New Yorkers stand in long lines just to get a bite out of this delicious street food!

A word of caution – their hot sauce is hot like fire. Have it in really small quantities unless you can handle some real heat!

Location: Multiple locations across New York City and a few other states in the US.

halal guys chicken over ice


I’m a huge fan of the Greek cuisine and have tried a ton of places which serve some really amazing Mediterranean food, but Omar’s somehow has a special place in my heart. By far one of the places to have really delicious and fresh hummus and Shawarma. This place is always bustling with activity and is a hit amongst people who work in corporate offices nearby.

Location: 154 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022 

cafe barilla

When it comes to Italian restaurants in New York, you will be truly spoilt for choice. The reason I have added Cafe Barilla in this list is that it is a casual no-nonsense place that is priced moderately. You can either go for a quick bite here or even choose to hang out with your friends.

Brooklyn has some amazing restaurants as well as pop up places and while I cannot include all of them in this list, Amami is one of my favorites. The owner and head chef has over 22 years of experience and all the dishes that I tried there were perfection.

Location: 57 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Spicy Tuna Avocado Toast


Whole Live Scallops at Amami Cocktail Bar in New York

If you google ‘best places to eat fried chicken in NYC’ this is one of the places that pops up and well, I have to agree with Google here. Their wings are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The spicy sauce is kinda really spicy but we normally get the sweet garlic sauce as well to compensate for the spicy ones.

Location: 325 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016

wafels and dinges


If you love waffles, trust me, Wafels & Dinges is one of the best places to try them out in New York. You can top off your waffles with Nutella, fresh fruits or ice cream. But my favorite is their Spekuloos spread which is basically a Belgian cookie spread that is mind-blowingly delicious!

Location: Herald Square, 102 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001

If you are craving for some warm delicious cookies with a glass of milk or brownies in the middle of the night, this place is just for you.

What’s so special about Insomnia Cookies? Their cookies are buttery, moist and chewy and the besttttt that I have ever tried! But the best part about them is that they even deliver within the city till 3 am to help cure your ahemm… insomnia with their delicious cookies! They now even ship their cookies anywhere in the US.

My favorites are their Peanut Butter Chip and Double Chocolate Chip cookies.

Location: 237 E 53rd Street New York, NY, 10022

Apart from New York, they also operate in a few other states on the East Coast.

If you are a fan of Nutella, you have got to Nutella Bar. From Nutella filled crepes to pastries and ice creams, this is a Nutella Lovers’ paradise.

Location: 200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Saving one of the best for last. Bagatelle located in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan is an upscale French-Mediterranean restaurant. Unlike all the places that are mentioned above,  the food here is pretty costly but their gnocchi is definitely worth trying. It’s utterly butterly delicious that will melt in your mouth instantly.

But if you don’t want to shell out too much money on their food, definitely try out some of their ‘Insta-worthy desserts’  like their Apple Gala or White Pearl. They look so fancy that they are almost too pretty to eat.

Location: 1 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

Apple Gala at Bagatelle


White Pearl - Bagatelle


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Local’s Guide to the Best Places to eat in New York City - New York is one of those places where true foodies come to experience some of the best foods in the world. From affordable yet delicious street food to rooftop bars and five-star upscale restaurants, you’ll get it all. While there are a million amazing places to eat in New York City, here are some of my most loved places to eat that will make you want to try them out too



Smiling Notes

NYC is my dream destination and your post is so inspiring. Each one of these places seems so lovely and it seems to offer finger-licking dishes. Thanks for the suggestions! ?

I’m so glad you liked the post, Agness and I hope you get to visit New York soon & try some of these delicious places!

Wow, NY you look absolutely delicious….

Lovely round up of the best eating places. I wish I had this guide handy when I went to NY.

Thanks so much, Ana.

There’s nothing on your list I wouldn’t love love to try!! Sadly we are about as far from NYC as a person can get across country! But so fun to read through your recommendations!! thanks!! xo

Thanks for always being so supportive and kind, Rhonda ? xoxo

I want to try them all! Nettie

hahaa happens to me all the time!

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wow, I saved this post to check it out when I travel to New York!

That’s so awesome! Thanks!

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Best Pizza New York City (post summary)

In sum, here’s the absolute best pizza spots in New York City

The Best Cheap Eats in NYC

Transport yourself to Greece in the heart of NYC’s Lower East Side. This spot might be affordable, but it isn’t lacking on ambiance and decor. Souvlaki GR is perfect for a casual date night, especially when you’re looking for something budget-friendly. Plus, the exterior is super cute, making it one of the best Instagram spots in NYC

Cost: Order one of the pitas, with an option of Tzatziki or Spicy Feta. Pitas range from $6.50 to 9.75.

Address: 116 Stanton Street 


Tortaria tiny spot near Union Square is famous for their fast service and strong margaritas. The margaritas might tip you over your budget, but there are plenty of affordable and filling dinner options. Be sure to snap an Instagram worthy shot outside. 

Cost: $10 for a Milanesa de Pollo Torta, among other delicious options 

Address: 94 University Place 


Located on NYC’s famous St Marks Place, Taqueria is a fun option for a casual date or group dinner before a night out. 

Cost: $3.50 per taco and quesadillas starting at $4.95

Address: 79 St Marks Place 


Mamoun’s Falafel is an awesome option for the best cheap eats in NYC. They have sandwiches, signature sandwiches, and plates. Everything on their menu is delicious, so you can’t go wrong ordering. There are a number of locations, both in NYC and around the country.

Cost: Under $10 for their delicious falafel wrap, one of my favorite cheap eats in NYC.

Address: 30 St. Marks Pl


The Arepa Factory is a perfect take-out dinner spot for a cheap, hearty meal. These delicious Venezualan dishes are a must if you’re visiting NYC on a budget. 

Cost: Just under $10 for any of their arepas. Del Corral is a favorite, with Del Campo a great alternative for vegetarians. 


Delicious Thai food in the heart of the East Village. Come during the summer months and snag a seat by the open doors. Linger a bit and enjoy their $6 cocktail happy hour, available on weekends as well. 

Cost: $10 lunch special entrees with classics like Pad Thai, Cashew Nut Stir Fry, and a variety of curries. 

Address: 95 2nd Ave 



If you’re in the mood for a big plate of steaming dumplings, then this is the spot for you. Definitely one of the best cheap eats in NYC. The place could use a bit more ambience, but it’s hard to beat the price and quality. This is a cash-only establishment so make sure to hit the ATM before sitting down to dine. 

Cost: $4 for a plate of steamed or fried pork dumplings 

Address: 40 Bowery 

Plate of dumplings from Chinatown, NY

Vanessa’s Dumplings is another classic NYC cheap eats restaurants. Grab some dumplings to-go for dinner before a big night out in NYC.  There are four locations across the city, but the Chinatown location is definitely my favorite. The other locations are in Long Island City, Chelsea, and Williamsburg.

Cost: An order of 4 fried dumplings starts at $2.00, and an order of 8 boiled dumplings starts at $4.00. 

Address: 118A Eldridge Street


Astoria is by far one of the most underrated neighborhoods in NYC. Just 10 minutes from midtown Manhattan, a quick ride to Astoria will reward you with some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes in NYC. If you’re planning on adding some of my Astoria recommendations to your NYC cheap eats list, be sure to check out my full guide on the best places in Astoria.

This mom and pop Italian shop is more than worth the trek “all the way to Astoria”. With all of the classic Italian dishes ringing in at under $10, this is a prime example of one of the best cheap eats in NYC.

Cost: All of pasta dishes stick to the $10 and under budget, with many of their main dishes making the cut as well. Do yourself a favor and order the Chicken Parmigiana ($9.95), the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio ($7.50), and the Penne alla Vodka ($7.95). 

Address: 33-02 35th Ave, Astoria, NY



This is a local spot located right off of the Broadway N/W station in Astoria.

Cost: The falafel sandwich on fresh pita, with fresh veggies and tahini, is priced at $6.99. If you’re looking for something a bit heartier, the beef and chicken shawarma wraps are only a few bucks more. 

Address: 30-15 Broadway, Astoria, NY

Sunrise Chinese is the definition of cheap, delicious NYC take out. While there isn’t much ambiance for a dine-in dinner, Sunrise Chinese is perfect for a good night of take out. Plus, just about every entree on the menu is under $10!

Cost: $6.25 for lo mein, $7.50 shrimp with broccoli

Address: 33-20 Broadway, Astoria, NY


No cheap eats in NYC guide could be complete without a pizzeria. If you’re looking for the best places to eat in NYC on a budget, pizza is always a good bet! Joe’s is a classic NYC haunt, with locations all over the city including the West Village, Gramercy Park, and Williamsburg. 

Cost: $3 for a classic “plain” slice or $3.50 for a Sicilian slice 



Right in the hustle and bustle of the West Village’s Macdougal Street, this Vietnamese eatery is always busy, with servers dishing out endless banh mi and steaming bowls of pho. 

Cost: The classic pho just makes the $10 budget cut, at $9.95 a bowl. The classic banh mi is a steal at $5, but the lemongrass chicken banh mi priced at $9 is a delicious option as well. 

Address: 114 Macdougal Street 



Thelewala is an awesome option for cheap Indian food in the West Village. Plus, it’s located right next door to Saigon Shack, so it’s a good backup if the line there is too long!

Cost: All of the Calcutta Nizami rolls are priced between $6-7

Address: 112 Macdougal Street 



Planning a trip to New York City? Once you’ve discovered all of the best cheap food in NYC, make sure to check out these other articles: 

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Modern Bread & Bakery

I stumbled upon Modern Bakery completely by accident (before my friend visited NYC), and what a happy coincidence that turned out to be. Without realizing that Modern Bread & Bakery was a gluten-free bakery in New York City, I ordered a bagel.

The bagel was so delicious (with a chewy texture) that I promptly returned the following weekend for more. It wasn’t until my second visit that I noticed the gluten free signage.

And then it hit me, did I accidentally eat a gluten-free bagel last weekend?

Turns out I did, and I loved it as much as a traditional bagel — which is why I consider this one of the best gluten free bakeries in New York City. Their baked goods span the gamut and you’ll find everything from challah to cupcakes, filling both your sweet and savory cravings.

I took my friend here during her visit and she raved about the bagels as much as I did. In fact, we returned to this gluten-free bakery a few times during her month-long stay.

Address: 472 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

Food You Must Eat While in New York – Ultimate NYC Food Guide

Food is what brings me back to New York, even more so than seeing my family….shhh don’t tell them! When we travel, I always like trying local/famous food options. So, since I am usually dreaming of eating in NYC, I am sharing the must eat food in New York that you should try, especially if this is your first time visiting!

Best New York Pizza



54 Stone St, Manhattan

An underrated downtown gem and great pick for best New York pizza is Adrienne’s. This spot sits tucked away in the Financial District on historic Stone Street in Manhattan.

Specializing in both crispy 12” round pizzas and hearty, bakery-style tray sheet pizza, Adrienne’s offers a wide variety of toppings and their signature fresh, homemade mozzarella. 

Grab a few friends for a summer evening stroll around Battery Park and the South Street Seaport, and then head over to Adrienne’s to sit outside on their cobblestone patio with some Peroni’s and a sheet tray pan pie topped with ‘roni perfection. 

Note: Adrienne’s does offer some vegetarian options.



600 11th Ave at 45th St, Manhattan

On your quest to find the Best NY pizza, Midtown can be a challenge. There are, frankly, a lot of sub-par dollar slice joints that take advantage of the neighborhood’s central location – but if you are willing to venture out a few blocks westward to 11th Avenue, a delightful, crispy-yet-chewy Sicilian-style slice awaits you. 

Located in the Gotham West Market food hall, Corner Slice offers perfectly baked pies (and of course, slices) with an ideal topping-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio, and a crispy and flavor-dense crust interspersed with air pockets that make eating more than a few slices an achievable feat.

A Margherita and an ice-cold Abita Root Beer make a particularly good slice and soda combo order. 

Make your way over to Corner Slice ahead of a tour of The Intrepid Museum (47th street and 11th Ave.) or a visit to Hudson Yards (34th street and 10th Ave.). It’ll be worth the steps!

Note: Corner Slice offers both vegetarian and gluten-free options.



69 Seventh Avenue, Manhattan

Located in the heart of the West Village for almost twenty years, Bleecker Street Pizza is a longtime favorite of NYU students, visitors, and hard-to-please New Yorkers alike making it one of the best pizza in NYC spots for over two decades.

An unassuming exterior leads to a bustling shop where generously sized, freshly-baked pies are churned out by the minute (it’s often busy inside, and best to know what you want to order before you enter the fray!). 

You can’t go wrong with a classic cheese pie – Bleecker Street boasts one with an especially umami-filled and savory sauce directly infused with imported Parmesan Reggiano cheese. 

Snag a slice before you spend an afternoon in Washington Square Park, or an entire pie at the end of your twenty-first birthday…not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. 

Note: Bleecker Street pizza offers vegetarian options.

For more pizza, check out our guide to the best pizza in Manhattan!



2791 Broadway (Upper West Side), Manhattan & 1600 Amsterdam Ave, Harlem

With two uptown locations on the Upper West Side and Harlem, FUMO is a consistently tasty and reliable date night or catch-up spot with a cozy, intimate ambiance and elevated fare making it a popular pick for best New York pizza. 

Neapolitan-style pies with toppings ranging from classic to innovative (a particular standout is the Bianche Buffalo pie with spicy Louisiana-style chicken, Blue Cheese, and Mozzarella) are perfectly paired with fresh al-dente pasta, a creative cocktail list, and extensive wine and beer selection.

There is truly something for everyone here, and FUMO is an ideal place to order a little bit of everything and share with the table. 

An easy walk from Central Park on the UWS, and Riverbank State Park in Harlem, end your day with a relaxing, tasty meal featuring some of the best pizza in New York.

Note: FUMO offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 



22 Orchard Street, Manhattan

If you head to the Scarr’s Pizza website, you are greeted with a delightful, early-aughts-style website background of spinning pizza slices. If you head to Scarr’s Pizza on the Lower East Side, you will be greeted with delightful, perfectly crisp slices and pies in wood-paneled, 70s-style booths complete with classic glass chandeliers, mugs of beer, and red plastic trays.

It’s transformative pizza time-travel, and all you have to do is take the F train to experience some of the best pizza in NYC that the city has to offer. 

Order a Hotboi Original Pie (Beef, Pepperoni, and Jalapenos topped with Mike’s Extra-Hot Honey) to complete your funky Scarr’s experience. 

Note: Scarr’s Pizza offers vegan and vegetarian options. PS if you’re vegan, check out our guide to the best vegan restaurants in NYC for more options!



63 Clinton Street, Manhattan &  376 Classon Ave., Brooklyn

Another Lower East Side (and Brooklyn!) standout, Speedy Romeo offers wood-fried pies with premium ingredients housed in a friendly, casual atmosphere and another choice and pick for the best pizza in NYC.

Speedy Romeo is home to 12 inch round pies that are fired up to bubbly, ever-so-slightly charred excellence and feature innovative combinations like pineapple, speck, grilled scallions, and Béchamel sauce.

Add in a signature Caesar salad that is topped with an almost unholy amount of shaved Parmesan Reggiano and you have yourself an inventive yet unpretentious meal. 

Speedy Romeo also features accessible catering packages – a great option for your housewarming/birthday/engagement/family reunion/regular-old party needs!

Note: Speedy Romeo offers vegetarian options.



804 W 187th St, Manhattan

Discovering and sharing a secret NYC gem is a joyous experience – nothing will make you feel more like a tried-and-true New Yorker than recommending a place to your family and friends that they’d never previously heard of and now cannot stop raving about and a personal, favorite pick for best pizza in NYC.

Fresco’s, nestled toward the top of Manhattan in Washington Heights, is my recommendation for a truly divine local pizza experience. Offering classic New York pies and slices but crafted with a care and precision that makes for an elevated tasting experience, Fresco’s is a neighborhood hotspot that is perfect for takeout and delivery. 

One of the best ways to enjoy Fresco’s is to grab a slice (The Vodka slice is particularly excellent, with a creamy-yet-light blend of vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella) and head west on 187th to Chittenden Ave., a secret nook overlooking the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. Enjoy your pizza at sunset and savor a truly singular New York meal. 

Note: Fresco’s offers vegetarian options. 



42 Avenue A & 101 7th Ave, Manhattan and 284 5th Ave & 558 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

Born out of NYC in 1987 by two independent filmmakers, Two Boots is unique in that its pizza has a distinctly Cajun, New Orleans-inspired flavor!

A fun trivia fact about this best pizza in New York spot: the two boots referenced in Two Boots are the geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana

In keeping with their artistic roots, Two Boots names their pies after musicians, film and TV characters, and celebrities, ranging from CBGB to Divine. 

I personally recommend The Newman (insert Seinfeld impression here), which is a white pizza topped with sopressata and sweet Italian sausage. 

An additional treat is their selection of garlic knot sliders, which I think may be one of the best ways to eat Chicken Parm. Try it and report back! 

Note: Two Boots offers significant vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 

Emmy Squared pizza in Williamsburg Brooklyn

83 1st Avenue & 1426 3rd Ave., Manhattan and 364 Grand Street, Brooklyn 

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking – it looks like Emmy Squared is everywhere! And you’re right, after a massively successful few years they’ve expanded significantly to locations from Nashville to Detroit to D.C. – but they got their start right here as a top spot for best pizza in New York!

Famed for a Detroit-style pizza – a riff on Sicilian style, with a square pie and an even crispier crust surrounded by crunchy cheese (known as “frico”), Emmy Squared quickly won the hearts and taste buds of cynical New Yorkers. 

Emmy Squared engineers their pies to create a perfect storm of flavor and texture, with signature pies The Emmy (banana peppers, red onion ranch, side sauce) and Colony2 (a version of their hit pie at Emmy, topped with Ezzo pepperoni, pickled jalapenos, and honey).

And while we know you came here to find the best NYC pizza, we’d be remiss not to mention Emmy Squared’s award-winning burger (behold the power of a pretzel bun!). 

It can be tough to secure a reservation during prime dinner hours, so check them out for lunch or order takeout if you are short on time!

Note: Emmy Squared offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. 



3658 Broadway, Manhattan

Situated on Broadway amongst a strip of excellent restaurants in Hamilton Heights, this Neapolitan pizzeria offers a sunny, friendly place to meet friends and family for pizza after a day exploring Riverside Park, The Alexander Hamilton House, or City College. 

Bono features a wide variety of crispy pies, including standouts like L’Americano (tomato sauce, guanciale, onion, mozzarella, peperoncino, kale, and burnt honey) and Verde (zucchini, mushrooms, artichokes, black olives and mozzarella).

There are also homemade pastas and hearty entrees like steak and salmon to round out the selection in addition to being a best NYC pizza spot! 

Note: Bono offers vegetarian options. 



278 Bleecker St, Manhattan

There’s no other way to put it – John’s is legendary. Founded in 1929 by Giovanni “John” Sasso, John’s is known for a quality recipe that’s delighted New Yorkers for over ninety years with their coal oven brick fired pizza.

John’s is a frequent celebrity hangout, and you may spot a famous name or two etched into the walls or see a celeb nonchalantly grabbing a pie from this best New York pizza spot.

But the true testament to the quality of John’s is the loyalty of New Yorkers, who fervently cite it as some of the best pizza in New York. Maybe it’s the proprietary taste of their sauce, maybe it’s their very New York attitude of declaring “no slices” and no reservations, but we keep lining up, and we always come away full and happy. 

Note: John’s offers vegetarian options. John’s used to be cash only but now accepts debit and credit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay. 



1739 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

We here in NYC waited a very long time for the 2nd Avenue subway to be completed. After nearly a century, it seems like there is no time like the present to try out the shiny new Q line and head to San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar, located smack dab between the 86th and 96th Street stops. 

Once there, you’re transported directly to Italy, complete with pizza recipes from the Amalfi coast, select wines from the Campania region, and of course, authentic espresso to cap off your meal. 

Make sure to try the signature San Matteo pie (Asparagus cream, fresh burrata, and sweet Italian sausage) with a side of Melanzane Funghetto (pan-fried eggplant and tomato sauce), but any of their Neopolitan style pizzas from their wood-burning oven will do, which is why this made it to the best NY pizza.

Note: San Matteo offers vegetarian options. 



Mama’s: 941 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan & Mama’s Too: 2750 Broadway, Manhattan

It’s a good thing Mama’s has two locations within walking distance of each other, because they are both frequently packed! And for good reason – Mama’s has perfected both classic pie combos and inventive slice specials like the Bufalina (house-made buffalo sauce, guajilo/ancho chili powder, gorgonzola cream aioli and fresh chopped scallion).

Mama’s Too has also recently collaborated with Shake Shack to add some limited edition sandwiches into the mix — be sure to check out their Instagram account for specials and announcements. 

Both Mama’s locations are on the Upper West Side, and an easy walk over to Riverside and Central Parks to enjoy pizza in the sunshine.

Beware, though – the last time I tried to enjoy a slice of Mama’s Too pizza in Riverside Park, I was somewhat pursued by squirrels who wanted my slice. Like true New Yorkers, they have great taste and know who has the best pizza in NYC too.

Note: Mama’s and Mama’s Too have vegetarian and gluten-free options. 



821 W 181st St, Manhattan

Just off the 181st Street A train, The Uptown Garrison is a charming restaurant and cocktail bar that makes an excellent date spot and offers some of the best pizza in NYC.

Soft, romantic lighting and great playlists wash over the crispy, Neapolitan-style pizzas featuring spicy, savory combos like The Broccoli Pizza (wood roasted broccoli, chili puree, garlic, mozzarella, caciocavallo, parmesan, and lemon) and Prosciutto Burrata (arugula, prosciutto, lemon, burrata, parmesan). 

The Uptown Garrison also offers an exciting cocktail selection and seasonal wine and beer options to pair with your ‘za. Take your date on a romantic sunset walk or bike ride up the Hudson greenway and celebrate your good chemistry at Uptown Garrison over some of the best pizza uptown, and NYC, has to offer. 

Note: The Uptown Garrison offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. 



Multiple locations, original in Harlem: 2287 1st Ave. 

Patsy’s has become a phenomenon, with locations across several boroughs and into Westchester, but the original still stands in East Harlem on 117th Street and 1st Ave, with a distinctive green exterior and what looks close to the 1933 original interior.

Known for its impossibly crispy-yet-tender pies, order the Original Coal Oven pizza and never look back and are a top pick among many for the best pizza in NYC. Except for when you order another pie.

Other favorite options include The Polpette (meatball, onion, tomato sauce, grated mozzarella) and the Patsy’s Alla Vodka (creamy vodka sauce, grated mozzarella (no tomato sauce)). 

Note: Patsy’s offers vegetarian options. 

 2640 Broadway, Manhattan

Like any other true New York stalwart, Cheesy Pizza is hilariously direct. They have pizza. It has cheese. It is cheesy. But don’t be fooled by the fairly generic name and unassuming exterior – the family-owned Cheesy Pizza has a fantastic New York slice, including well-made versions of classics like Baked Ziti pizza and the tasty Mediterranean pie (Spinach, feta, mozzarella) and one of my personal picks for best NY pizza.

As a bonus, Cheesy Pizza offers a quality selection of gyros and falafel pitas that frankly make an excellent second course or leftover take home after you enjoy your very delicious (cheesy) pizza.

Note: Cheesy Pizza offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. 



2848 Broadway, 4087 Broadway, & 1110 Lexington Ave, Manhattan & Harlem

Sometimes your mission is not only to find the best pizza, but also the best pizza for your buck. Look no further than Koronet pizza, which serves up tasty and impossibly large slices and is one of the best New York pizza spots.

And when I say impossibly large, I mean, they are the size of your forearm. One friend, a lifelong gruff New Yorker, was astonished at the sheer magnitude of the slice. For reference, one slice is essentially three slices, so it very easily becomes possible to justify eating 3 (9?) slices in one sitting. Not that I speak from experience. 

Topping highlights include the Arrabiata pizza (mushrooms, black olives, hot cherry peppers) and Carbonara (bacon, ham, fresh garlic, cheese).

Note: Koronet offers vegetarian options.



2725 86th St, Brooklyn

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a true New York pizza destination. Located in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn, L&B attracts visitors from near and far for their world-famous Sicilian slices and extremely old-school ambiance (they’ve been in business since the 1930s!) and are one of the most famous spots for pizza in Brooklyn!

Grab your friends, order a large classic Sicilian pie, a few Ludovico salads (Chopped Romaine, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Black Olives, Fruit & Cheese – Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing) and be transported. 

Make sure to note that L&B Spumoni Gardens does not take reservations, so time your trip with room to wait or plan to eat an early lunch/dinner, late lunch/dinner.

Note: L&B Spumoni Gardens offers vegetarian options. 

Totonno's Pizza in Coney Island some of the most famous pizza in Brooklyn
1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn 

Another Brooklyn destination spot, Totonno’s is one of the oldest family-run pizza joints in New York, dating back to 1921. Known for incredibly crisp and savory Neapolitan-style pies, Totonno’s is a perfect stop after day exploring the best things to do in Coney Island from the boardwalk to the New York Aquarium and other interesting hidden gems in Coney Island worth exploring!

For those who have trouble picking a pie, Totonno’s boasts a Margherita/Bianca combination that will keep everyone happy. Or just order multiple pies, they are one of the best pizza in NYC spots after all!

Note: Totonno’s offers vegetarian options. Totonno’s is only open Thursday through Sunday, so plan accordingly. 


Brooklyn Heights, Gowanus, Industry City

With three locations in different neighborhoods of Brooklyn, this will be one of the easiest NYC pizza restaurants to add to your pizza-eating extravaganza. For one of the best places for pizza in NYC, you’ll want to head to a classic coal oven spot like Table 87.

Since opening up in 2012, Table 87 is the first pizzeria in Brooklyn to offer coal oven pizza by the slice too. So perfect for grab and go if you’re in a rush.

If you’re interested in dining in, there are a few options to choose from at their Brooklyn Heights and Gowanus locations. First, off they offer both square and regular style Margherita pies, a 12” sausage and peppers pie, a 12” prosciutto and baby arugula pie, and last but not least, a Burrata Margherita pie, which is creamy burrata cheese, San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil.

They also have some delicious appetizers like the calamari and burrata you can add on while checking out some of the best pizza in NYC from Table 87.

In the summer months, Table 87 in Gowanus also does outdoor movies using a projector on the Smith & 9th Street subway platform above! 

Also, if you’re a fan of SharkTank, the owner of Table 87 sold his idea for the coal oven pizza experience at home with their frozen pizzas you can buy at the store and bake at home! It’s not quite the same, but it’s the next best thing if you aren’t near one of their locations, although we encourage you to have the full coal oven experience here in person.


1 Front St, Brooklyn

One thing that feels great after eating a hearty meal is getting in a nice walk afterwards! One excellent way to accomplish this is by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and after eating at Grimaldi’s for their coal-fired pizzas made with a secret dough recipe, not only one of the most famous and places for best pizza in NYC, but one of the best of DUMBO pizza too.

Customize your pie with classic toppings like fresh sliced Roma tomatoes and spicy chicken sausage, or keep on theme by dining on a Brooklyn Bridge specialty pie (oven roasted red peppers, creamy ricotta cheese, and hand pinched italian sausage)

Take your slice on the road and enjoy it sitting by Brooklyn Bridge Park or taking the NYC Ferry to your next adventure!

Note: Grimaldi’s features vegetarian options and gluten-friendly (not entirely free!) options. 


Joes Pizza in Williamsburg Brooklyn by the slice

Multiple locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn, original: 7 Carmine Street NY

A true NYC institution, Joe’s pizza has been in business since 1975, with the philosophy that simple, no-gimmicks pizza is the best pizza in New York.

Joe’s frequently makes best-of and top-ranked pizza lists, being named both “Best Pizza in New York” by New York Magazine and one of the 25 “Best Pizzas on Earth” by GQ Magazine

Confident that their pizza is the best in NYC and on Earth, Joe’s menu is simple and to the point – they offer plain cheese, fresh mozzarella, and Sicilian square pies and slices with toppings as an add-on. Pair your slice with a classic soda and take in the taste of a pizza that knows exactly what it is – uncomplicated, crispy, savory, and composed of truly quality ingredients.

Note: Joe’s offers vegetarian options.



600 East 187th Street, Bronx

The Bronx’s Arthur Avenue is home to some of the best pizza in NYC and the city’s best Italian cuisine. Full Moon Pizza is known across boroughs as home to some of the city’s finest classic slices.

In addition to regular slices and pie, don’t miss out on pillowy Focaccia pizza and specialty pies like the Capricciosa (ham, mushroom, artichoke and tomato) and Grilled Veggie. 

For a full-day adventure, head to the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10458) to check out the latest sculptural and horticultural exhibits before making your way to Arthur Avenue for classic New York pizza and (if you have room!) cannolis.

Note: Full Moon Pizza offers vegetarian options. 



1051 Morris Park Ave, Bronx 

Marked by a cheerful tomato mural on its facade, Emilio’s serves up classic Italian fare in the heart of the Bronx including some of the best New York pizza.

Emilio’s specializes in custom, build-your-own pies that let you customize everything from your toppings (fresh Ricotta!) to your crust (Napolitan and Margherita style carb-free crusts included!)

In addition to traditional pizza toppings, Emilio’s boasts Bronx flavors like its Chopped-Cheese-esque Cheeseburger pie (Prime Choice ground beef, special sauce, pickles, onions, and melted American cheese). 

Spend a spring afternoon at nearby NYC landmark The Bronx Zoo (2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10460) and then head over to Emilio’s for a truly delightful day. 

Note: Emilio’s offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

If you look to Barstool to help you choose the best pizza in NYC, look no further. Di Fara was given one of the top scores ever by Barstool’s Dave Portnoy, a 9.4/10. And if that’s not enough to get you to try Di Fara, keep reading.

Also considered one of the spots for the best pizza in Brooklyn, Di Fara opened up in 1965 in the neighborhood of Midwood. It’s also well known for its high cost and even higher wait time.

Sometimes you can expect to wait over an hour to get your food, but that’s the price we pay for getting to taste some of the best pizza in New York – and if you made the journey all the way out to Midwood, it’s about the journey anyway.

Here you can get both by the slice and entire pies at Di Fara, featuring quality ingredients. They offer regular pies, square pies, white pies, and then some specialty pies.

One is the Classic Pie, which is much more than just sauce and cheese. It actually includes sausage, pepper, mushroom, and onion. Then the Chaos Pie, which includes sausage, meatballs, tomatoes, wild onions, and fresh garlic.

So if you’re looking for a true New York slice and don’t mind spending the time or money, get to Di Fara! It’s legendary and always highly recommended on foodie guides!



33-02 35th Ave, Queens

Known as one of NYC’s culinary hotspots, Astoria is home to Napoli Pizza and Pasta, one of the prime places to find the best pizza in NYC. Founded in 2010, Napoli serves crispy traditional pies and fun combos like the Bolognese (Mozzarella cheese, meatballs, and tomato sauce) and Upside Down pizza. 

Napoli is also known for its seafood specialities, with a well-liked Fried Calamari and Shrimp Parmigiana to complement your fare.

Just a stone’s throw from the Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106), spend a day learning about the history of film and television and cap your day off with a meal at Napoli. 

Note: Napoli offers vegetarian options. 



30-01 Broadway, Queens

Originally opened under the name Angelo’s in 1958, Dino’s holds the title of Astoria’s very first Italian pizza joint and one of the best New York pizza spots in Queens.

Still family-run and operated by Antonio and Maddalena Carusone’s grandchildren, Dino’s offers traditional homestyle pies as well as nods to Astoria’s vibrant Greek culture with the Stuffed Spinach pie (sautéed spinach, ricotta & mozzarella cheese) and Chicken Caesar pizza (grilled chicken with mixed lettuce, croutons & parmigiana cheese). 

Dino’s doesn’t use microwaves or any frozen food, and their dishes are prepared fresh each day – check them out after an afternoon spent browsing at the Astoria Bookshop (31-29 31st St, Astoria, NY 11106) for a perfect summer day. 

Note: Dino’s offers vegetarian options. 

575 Henry Street, Brooklyn

Lucali was rated #1 in all of New York City and featured on the Netflix series, Ugly Delicious with celebrity chef David Chang, so it’s a no brainer we added it to this guide to the best pizza in NYC.

Their menu is really short and sweet. They keep it simple by offering large pizzas and both small and large calzones. Each of these savory pies are perfectly baked in a wood-and-gas-fired oven.

Get a plain pie or build your own with a few toppings, just keep in mind each additional topping is an extra charge.

Lucali is a popular date night spot and it’s a lot fancier than your typical New York pizza spot on a corner somewhere. They do not take reservations and the wait is typically pretty long, sometimes with a line down the residential block. But have patience! It is well worth it.

This spot has been featured in a number of big-name news outlets like New York Times, Vimeo, Vogue, New York Eater, and so many more including being a hotspot for celebrity sightings like Beyonce.

Just down the street in Carroll Gardens, Mark Iacono brought us another pizza delight here in Brooklyn with his slice shop, Baby Luc’s (387 Court St) swing by for one of their specialty Sicilian squares. Just note, they don’t open until 2 PM so it’s more of a late lunch or quick dinner spot.

Lucali is definitely a stop to make along your journey to try all the best pizza places in Brooklyn. Check out the best things to do in Carroll Gardens for more ideas.

Tip: Lucali is only open for dinner, people get in line as early as 3:30 pm to get their name in for 5 pm seating. If you’re that dedicated, you may want to do the same! Or you can order a pie to go and eat at a park nearby, this is one of the best restaurants in Carroll Gardens so a little planning and patience is required!

Enjoyed this guide to the best pizza in NYC? Or maybe your favorite pick for best pizza in New York is missing, let us know in the comments below!

Before you go, check out all these amazing pizza quotes to come up with the best witty caption for your next visit to one of these spots for best NY pizza!



Chelsea Market clock

One of our favorite places to visit in New York City also happens to be where we lived during our 17-day housesitting stay. This beautiful neighborhood is full of beautiful townhomes and brick apartment buildings along with galleries, delicious restaurants, and the Highline.

The Highline is popular with both locals and visitors to the city, this 1.5-mile elevated park and Greenway was once home to a historic railway connecting to the former factories in this area. There are amazing views of the city from the Highline as well as galleries and even impressive buildings like the luxury apartment building built by the late Zaha Hadid. (She is also the architect from one of our favorite buildings in Seoul, Dongdaemun Design Plaza).

Another reason why Chelsea is one of our favorite places in New York City would be because it is home to the Chelsea Market. A trip to the city without a visit to Chelsea Market would be incomplete. With an interesting history, is located in the old Nabisco factory and the birthplace of the Oreo cookie, you can taste your way through the market and shop at the boutiques and retail chains. We highly recommend trying Los Tacos No. 1, not only is it a pretty inexpensive meal for NYC, but the tacos are very close to authentic Mexican street tacos, we give this place two thumbs up!

Besides being an outstanding food and shopping hall, Chelsea Market is also home to media and broadcasting companies like the Food Network and Oxygen to name a few.

Best Bakeries New York City (Post Summary)

In sum, these are the best bakeries in New York City.


a clear oversight..silver moon bakery 105th and broadway..where do i begin..their breads are amazing, everything from baguettes to ethiopian..pastries are worth the lines, particularly the breakfast bun..their chocolate chip cookie gives any nyc cookie a run for its money..fruit tarts, great coffee..this place is a gem

Mindy — I agree! We made sure to include them in our post about the BEST bakeries in the Upper West Side. Their baked goods are definitely some of the best in the city, but narrowing down the a list of the 10 best bakeries in NYC was no easy task and competition was steep! ? Thanks so much for your feedback, always appreciated! ?

You forgot Julien Boulangerie!!
1431 York Ave, UES 10021
Best croissants and pastries! ?

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