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But with so many brunch spots in the city, where do you go? What’s the best bottomless brunch in London? I’ve rounded up a list of the best spots, where you can enjoy everything from a full English breakfast with bottomless mimosas or something a little different like a sushi-inspired brunch. 


For a mouth-watering change-up from your standard eggs Benedict, head to Stork, a sumptuous wood-paneled pan-African restaurant in Mayfair, where the (quite life-changing) dishes range from fluffy vitumbua pancakes with moringa cream and a ginger bissap syrup, to akara fried egg with green chilli and cheese. The classic red-red stew comes with a plantain boat, and vegetables support the outstanding jerk poussin.

10 best brunch spots to visit in London

The first one (of the best brunch spots in London) is Eggbreak is located in Nothing Hill, the most photogenic district of London and it served breakfast all day long. It has been my absolute first brunch in London and it has impressed me a lot. First of all, the way the dishes are served is absolutely incredible – everything is really really pretty (and great for pictures). The food quality is great as well, so there is literally nothing to complain about.

Granger & Co is also located in Notting Hill and it’s actually quite pricey, but the quality of the dishes is impeccable. I would say the tastiest brunch I’ve tried in London was in Granger & Co. Their signature dish is the pancakes, however, the full British breakfast with the cured in white tea salmon was amazing as well! I just wish the place was more photogenic and the the queues for it – smaller, everything else is great. And, actually there are more restaurants of Granger& Co around London now, so don’t forget to check out their website!

London Grind has many brunch places across London and it actually accepts reservations, so no need to stay outside freezing. The prices in London Grind are not quite as expensive as in Granger & Co, but nonetheless the dishes are pretty tasty. I’ve been to London Grind in London Bridge and I really liked the design of the place. The only thing I didn’t like, however, were the cocktails – I wouldn’t order any alcohol in London Grind.

The Ivy is not entirely a brunch place – it’s actually a chain of fancy restaurants, however, it does serve a brunch and a really tasty one. With Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine you get a lot of fries and by a lot, I mean A LOT. The prices aren’t exaggeratedly expensive, but the best thing about Ivy (besides the really beautiful design of the place) is the cocktails served there. In the Ivy Chelsea, I’ve tried the best cocktail in my life (in case you want to try, it’s called Lavender Lady).


In you want to sit in the “photogenic zone” of B&H buildings, you need to reserve a table in advance (maybe a week or so), but B&H buildings also have a few walk-in spots. I’ve tried their bottomless brunch (you can pick either Bellini or Bloody Mary) and while their Bloody Mary wasn’t the most delicious cocktail I’ve tried in my life, it was good. What was impressive, however, was the service – the moment you swallow the last sip of your cocktail, the new one is already on its way. The bottomless brunch, however is limited to 1.5 hours, so use this time wisely.

Sea Containers @ Mondrian also have the bottomless brunch option, but as I haven’t had a chance to try it, I won’t be able to describe it to you. The place is really really pretty and somewhat pretentious (fancy outfit is encouraged) and the menu includes a lot of options for hungry people (e.g. club sandwiches and burgers) besides the regular eggs.

This place is considered to be one of the most photogenic in London and people queue for hours to get there. I wasn’t overly impressed by the food, but I liked the colourful croissants a lot. The reason I included this place here – it looks awesome in the photos and the food isn’t worse than in 80% of the brunch spots, so why not paying a visit to Farm Girl in Nothing Hill. There is a second Farm Girl that just opened in Soho, so it makes sense to try it out as well.

Flotsam & Jetsam is really famous for its unicorn hot chocolate, but they also do really nice breakfasts. Moreover, the place itself is really pretty as well. So if you’re in Balham or Wandsworth one day, make sure to visit Flotsam & Jetsam.

Sketch is one of the most impressive places in London and I even wrote a separate post about it – read it here. If you want to visit sketch on the weekend, it’s probably the best to make a booking far in advance, as it’s very busy during the high season. Sketch has many different rooms and all of them are really picturesque. The food quality is also impeccable. It’s a bit pricey though, so prepare to spend a fortune when you come there for a brunch.

And the last but not least spot in my list of the best brunch spots in London is the Elgin, a really nice place not so far from Little Venice and St. John’s Wood. The zone is so beautiful that it deserves a visit even if you’re not planning to go for brunch there. The Elgin is definitely one of the best spots in this zone (if not in the entire London) – the prices are really good (usually below £10 for a dish) and the food is really tasty! So the Elgin is a highly recommended place for you to visit.

10 best brunch spots in London that you need to visit

Hopefully you found out about some interesting and new for you brunch spots in London. Just in case you’re visiting London for a first time, I’ve got some more posts for you:

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If you’ve been in London before, you might be interested in these 10 best non-touristy things to do in London!

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10 best brunch spots in London that you need to visit

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Best Places For Breakfast And Brunch In Notting Hill

Below we share some of our favourite places for breakfast and bunch in Notting Hill, in addition, we also shared some cool vegan and vegetarian places in Kensington and Chelsea.









































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Best Brunch in Putney: A Summary

The term ‘brunch’ can be used to describe a meal between breakfast and lunch. In England, it’s now a popular social activity which can take place on any day of the week.

Whilst most meals include some kind of eggs, avocado and sourdough bread, brunch has now extended to pretty much anything you can imagine – pizza, burgers, chips and hotdogs have also been known to appear on brunch menus in London!

Whilst typically served between the hours of 10am-2pm, with rising popularity, brunch can now be an all day social event. Some brunches in London don’t even start until 4pm (although, I kind think this is more of a ‘drunch’ – dinner/lunch).

Unless you’re visiting one of the bigger venues, you do not need to pre-book a brunch. However, if you’re visiting with a group at a peak weekend time, it may be worth booking ahead of time. If you’re planning on doing a ‘bottomless brunch’ (a brunch with unlimited alcohol) most venues require pre-booking.

Below I have listed the best brunches in Putney, an area in Southwest London. If you find all of the brunches in Putney are fully booked, check areas such as Battersea, Clapham and Wimbledon for other brunch options!

Amazing Places To Brunch Near London Bridge

Here is a local’s guide to the most delicious brunch in London Bridge and surrounding areas so if you want to feast through brunch in Tower Bridge, Borough, and Southwark the list below has you covered!



Are you looking for a boozy brunch in London Bridge? Look no further than Grind. This is an all-you-can-eat and drink venue, where for £27.50pp, you can order as much food and booze as you like from their set menu.

The bottomless brunch includes dishes such as chicken waffles, pulled pork pancakes, and eggs. And when it comes to the drinks, you can choose Mimosas, prosecco, Bloody Marys, or draft beer.

Many attributes make a great bottomless brunch, but without a doubt, one of the most important is the quality of the booze. And at Grind, you can be sure you’re getting top-notch drinks, as they use only the finest ingredients in their cocktails. So, if you’re looking for an unlimited supply of delicious food and drink in a relaxed and fun environment, Grind is the place for you.





Tanner & Co

Tanner & Co. offers a delicious and affordable bottomless brunch in the heart of London Bridge. The restaurant is located in a converted Victorian schoolhouse, which gives it a unique atmosphere.

The menu features British dishes such as Full English breakfast, eggs Benedict, and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. There is also a selection of lighter options, such as avocado toast and granola with yogurt.

The bottomless brunch includes unlimited Mimosas,  Prosecco, Bloody Marys, or Aperol Spritz for £25 per person.

The London Bridge area is excellent for exploring on a Sunday afternoon after a leisurely brunch. There are plenty of pubs and bars in the area and some of London’s best-known landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

If you’re looking for a bottomless brunch in London Bridge, Tanner & Co. is the perfect spot. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is unique, and the price is unbeatable.






Slug & Lettuce(Tower Bridge)

Bottomless brunch is something you may consider doing on the weekends. It combines drinking and eating all you can within a specific time frame. This special bottomless brunch is located in Slug & Lettuce in Tower Bridge.

The price for this meal is  £27.50 per person. The time limit for this meal is 2 hours, and you can order from a set menu. This special bottomless brunch includes unlimited prosecco, bloody marys, or mimosas.

So, if you want an enjoyable time with friends while drinking and eating all you can, Slug & Lettuce in Tower Bridge is the place for you. The price is a bit high, but with unlimited drinks, it is worth it. The time limit is also generous to enjoy your meal fully.





Gaucho Tower Bridge

Gaucho Tower Bridge is another excellent option for a bottomless brunch in London Bridge. The restaurant offers a variety of Argentine-inspired dishes and an extensive selection of wine and champagne.

For those looking to indulge, the restaurant also offers a unique “bottomless” brunch menu, which includes unlimited Mimosas, Bellinis, or Prosecco.

If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time, you may consider ordering the Gaucho Tower Bridge Experience. This dish includes a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables, all of which are served with a side of chimichurri sauce.

The experience also comes with a bottle of Malbec or Prosecco, making it the perfect way to enjoy a bottomless brunch in London Bridge.

The beef empanadas are another great dish to try at Gaucho Tower Bridge. These pastries are filled with meats, including beef, pork, and chicken. They are served with a side of salsa verde, making them the perfect way to start your meal.





Santo Remedio – Cocina Mexicana

The name Santo Remedio might not be familiar to many Londoners, but this Mexican restaurant should be on your radar. Located in the heart of Borough Market, Santo Remedio is the perfect place to enjoy a bottomless brunch with friends.

The restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes with a twist, and the unlimited Mimosas make it all the more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a bottomless brunch option that’s a bit different from the norm, Santo Remedio is worth checking out. Some standout dishes on the brunch menu include the chilaquiles with fried eggs and the huevos rancheros.

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with an unlimited Mimosa or two (or three.). So if you’re in the mood for some Mexican-inspired cuisine and bottomless drinks, head to Santo Remedio for a delightful brunch experience.





The Ivy Tower Bridge

The Ivy Tower Bridge is an all-day British brasserie situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, adjacent to Tower Bridge. The restaurant offers classic and contemporary dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients from trusted British suppliers.

The menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and dessert. There is also a selection of fine wines, champagne, and cocktails.

The Ivy Tower Bridge is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal with family and friends or to celebrate a special occasion. The restaurant has a private dining room which can be hired for events and parties.




Belushi London Bridge

If you want to enjoy a delicious London Bridge brunch with friends, then Belushi is the perfect spot for you. Their menu offers a wide variety of items, including pancakes, waffles, eggs Benedict, and more. And if you’re looking for bottomless brunch options to choose from, they have you covered there, too.

You can enjoy a few drinks while catching up with friends with unlimited prosecco, Mimosas, or Bloody Marys. So why not head to Belushi next time you’re looking for a great spot to enjoy brunch in London Bridge?

Even with a limited budget, finding suitable quality accommodation in London Bridge is still possible. There are several hostels and budget hotels located in the area, which offer comfortable rooms at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for a place to stay in London Bridge, check out some of these options.





Oxbo Bankside

If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat brunch in London Bridge, look no further than Oxbo Bankside. This modern British restaurant offers a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch items and bottomless champagne. For £35 per person, you can enjoy two hours of unlimited bubbles with your meal.

The menu features classic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict and avocado toast and more unique offerings like ox cheek hash and roasted cauliflower with harissa.

There’s something for everyone at Oxbo Bankside, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely weekend brunch with friends. Make a reservation in advance, as this popular spot can get crowded on weekends. And if you want to indulge, add the optional £10 Bloody Mary or Mimosa flight.





All Bar One Butler Wharf

All Bar One Butler Wharf is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch with friends. This stylish bar and restaurant is located in London Bridge and offers stunning views of the River Thames.

Their Bottomless Brunch menu includes a selection of breakfast items such as eggs Benedict, avocado on toast, and smoked salmon & scrambled eggs. There are also several fruit and yogurt bowls for those wanting a little lighter.

And, of course, no bottomless brunch would be complete without a selection of unlimited Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys, or Aperol Spritz.





The Folly

Are you looking for a great place to enjoy a bottomless brunch on London Bridge? Then you need to check out The Folly. This place has everything you could want for a perfect brunch experience, including unlimited drinks, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere.

The Folly is located in the heart of London Bridge, making it the perfect spot for people watching or grabbing a bite before heading out to explore the area.

The bottomless brunch here includes unlimited prosecco, Mimosas, or Bloody Marys for just £25 per person. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can add on a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne for an additional £35.

The food at The Folly is just as good as the drinks. Their menu features all your classic brunch favorites like eggs Benedict, avocado toast, and pancakes. But they also have unique dishes like their “Folly Fry Up,” which comes with black pudding, bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomato, and toast.




Tower Bridge Arms

Offering a delicious Bottomless Brunch every weekend, the Tower Bridge Arms is the perfect place to catch up with friends and enjoy some good food and drinks. Located just a stone’s throw from London Bridge station, this popular spot gets busy, so be sure to book in advance.

There’s something for everyone at the Tower Bridge Arms, with a menu that features all your brunch favorites. Tuck into eggs Benedict, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, avocado on toast, or go for something heartier like the full English breakfast. And, of course, there’s always room for dessert.



Where does brunch in London with a view?

Some of London’s restaurants have sweeping, widescreen cityscapes that can be spotted from the tables – and plenty of these spots do brunch, so you can watch the city waking up and stretching its legs. Ten floors up at The Standard in King’s Cross is Decimo, where you can order jugs of margaritas and oozy Spanish tortilla. In the city, meanwhile, Duck and Waffle sits pretty 40 floors up the Heron Tower and is open all night.

These are the tables to book for the best breakfast in London – plus our hot tip on the dish to order at each – for your next weekend in the capital.

Places To Visit In Bermondsey

Bermondsey is somewhat merged with London Bridge attractions so if you are exploring London Bridge and Tower Bridge areas, these are well within reach of those attractions. This means your London itinerary can pretty much include places within each of these areas.


The Fashion and Textiles Museum is a wonderful place to visit if you are interested in the history of fashion. Located in a beautiful old Victorian school building, the museum showcases garments from the Victorian age right up to the 2000s.

There are several interactive displays where you can try on old costumes and dress up in different styles. There are also some amazing textiles on display here that look like they have come straight out of a fantasy novel.

The museum also hosts various talks and exhibitions throughout the year that are definitely worth checking out.

Address: 35a Bermondsey Street, SE1 3HG. Entrance Fee: £9.50.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm, Weekends, 11am-5pm (Closed on Sundays in January)






Vinegar Yard offers a diverse range of libations, foods, a flea market, and artwork. In the summer, you can socialize outside in the sizable venue, while indoors, you can go undercover with large tents and outdoor heating, or you can reserve a table at one the two bars available.

Along with the broad drink menu, the daily food selection has something to suit every taste from food vendors at Vinegar Yard. Weekends are when the infamous flea market is open, and Joe Rush’s artwork may be found there as well to satisfy art lovers that also love a good social vibe.

Address: Vinegar Yard, SE1 3RD. Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm, Weekends, 10am-6pm






As the name suggests, the Glass Museum is home to a collection of antique and modern glassware. The museum itself is housed in the historic and beautiful Bunnel Butter Factory.

Today, the building is home to a fascinating collection of glassware from all around the world. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent collection that includes glass bottles, vases, and tableware.

The Glass Museum is worth a visit for anyone who loves beautiful glassware and seeing rare and valuable pieces up close. The museum is also a great place to take children, as there are plenty of interactive displays and games that kids will love. 

Address: 6 Loughborough Road, SE1 3TL Entrance Fee: Free. Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, Weekends, 10am-5pm





Bermondsey Street is one of the main streets in the area and is home to many cafes and restaurants. A charming cobbled street, it is surrounded by beautiful Victorian buildings and makes for a lovely place to wander.

On the weekends, the street hosts a popular farmers’ market that is well worth a visit. Here, you will find a range of interesting foods and local produce for sale.

If you are visiting on a weekend, the street is also a great place to find some affordable brunch places and brunch-related activities, such as a bacon and coffee collage-making class.

If you like coffee, you will also find a number of cool coffee shops on this street, B Street Deli, The Watch House, Fcukoff Coffee, Eatalia, Jose, Woolpack, Flour and Grape, Hakata to name a few. You can find everything from Italian restaurants, to Spanish, English and more. Perfect to grab lunch or dinner.



The antique market in Bermondsey is one of the largest antiques markets in London. Here, you will find stalls selling vintage furniture, antique jewellery, books, and all sorts of interesting antiques.

The market has been going strong since the 1970s and is a great place to pick up some beautiful and unique pieces. It is well worth visiting the market on a Saturday, as the antiques traders are open all weekend.

The market is quite large and can be a bit overwhelming, so it is best to pick a few things you like and take your time browsing. There are also plenty of food vendors here serving a range of cuisines, making it a good place for a lunch break. If you enjoy bargain hunting, be sure to also check out the many cool charity shops in Bermondsey.





Maltby Street Market is a weekend market that takes place on this stretch of road in Southwark. The market is open on weekends from 10am to 5pm and specialises in vintage clothing, antiques, jewellery, and retro furniture.

Maltby Street Market is a popular place to visit among vintage lovers and antique collectors, and a visit here is sure to result in some beautiful finds. The market attracts many visitors and is a good place to spend a day exploring and getting lost in a sea of vintage products.





The White Cube Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that showcases new artists and exhibitions every few months. The gallery is part of the famous White Cube art institution, which has been putting on exhibitions since the 1990s.


The Bermondsey branch is home to an impressive collection of modern art, including pieces by famous artists such as Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. The gallery is well worth a visit for art lovers or anyone who is just curious about modern art.

The exhibitions here are always changing, so you can visit time and time again and see something new.

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun noon-6pm. Entry Fee: Free




Explore London’s 17 breweries on one boozy mile or rather 1.4 miles to be exact. The perfect way to start of finish a weekend is by heading to the railway arches on Druid Street.

Here you will find not one, not two but 17 amazing breweries. All offering everything from craft beers, and ales to ciders. And many also welcome donations of apples to should you have an apple orchard with apples going to waste.

You can make it into a pub-crawl of sorts and hop from one arch to the next until you have tasted what each on has to offer. Just make sure you make a stop at Maltby Food market first so you have something to soak up the alcohol.

Many of the breweries on the mile also have tours and experiences you can do:





A very cutting-edge cocktail bar that was once a public restroom (one can only hope that the entire surface area of the establishment has been deep cleaned).

The Bermondsey Arts Club is perhaps the most inventive South London cocktail bar, located right in the center of one of South London’s most promising neighborhoods, if not all of London.

Regardless of its setting, the menu at the Bermondsey Arts Club is really strong and provides a fantastic experience, so don’t let its uniqueness turn you off. The ideal location for a romantic date is a stylish, hip pub.

Opening Hour: Sunday – Thursday: 6pm- 2am, Friday – Saturday: 6pm- 3.30am. 



If you want something more adventurous than a tour of Tower Bridge, head down the road for the Tower Bridge Glass Walk. The walk takes about an hour and a half and will give you access to views of London that most people would never have the chance to see.

It is worth noting that this attraction is not for those with any kind of fear of heights or tight spaces, as there are many narrow bridges and spiral staircases involved. Visitors should also be aware that the walk is a long one, so if you’re not up for it then be sure to bring plenty of water. 

At the end of your adventure through Tower Bridge, it’s recommended that you stop by Tate Modern on your way back. Tate Modern houses some of modern art’s most important works and just might inspire your next trip abroad!

The upper walkways are open from 11 AM to 11 PM, and it costs £9.80 to get admission to the area









There are many places in Bermondsey offering a great brunch but one with a cool setting is Bermondsey Bar and Kitchen which has a floral beer garden. They have a weekend bottomless brunch from 10.30 to 4pm.




Bermondsey Beach is one of the last remaining tidal beaches in London. The beach is open 24 hours a day, so you can visit at any time of day. There are a handful of benches here, but no changing facilities.

It is a great beach for visiting at night and looking at the city skyline or stars above you. The beach is particularly interesting as it is affected by the tides, so what is there one day may not be there the next as the water rises and falls.

It is a fun place to visit if you are interested in marine life or if you like to collect sea shells. You can also try crabbing from the beach, but it is not the best place to swim.



Head of Sofa Sounds? I was introduced to this by a friend before she moved back to Australia and I have been hooked since. Small gigs around London, from Shoreditch to Stratford, Islington and Brixton and many other parts of London. All very intimate and held in small venues with the artist so close you can give them a handshake. This is Sofa Sounds!





Struggling with knowing what to do in London?

Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 110 things to do in London from a local, includes:

✅ Top Free Things To In London

✅ Cool Touristy & Non-Touristy Things To

✅ Epic Free Viewpoints

✅ Cute Instagrammable Places in London

But with so many brunch spots in the city, where do you go? What’s the best bottomless brunch in London? I’ve rounded up a list of the best spots, where you can enjoy everything from a full English breakfast with bottomless mimosas or something a little different like a sushi-inspired brunch. 

Where to Find the Best Pancakes in London

Specialising in just pancakes alone for the restaurant, Where The Pancakes Are is no doubt one of the top spots for pancakes in London. They currently have two branches, one in Southwark at Flat Iron Square, the other in Fitzrovia at Charlotte Street. Now the main question is: to get the American buttermilk pancakes or to go Dutch with their oven-baked Dutch pancakes? Both are incredibly popular and it’s going to be a very hard decision! Savoury buttermilk varieties are also available on the menu, as well as vegan, dairy-free, and wheat-free options.

Want to recreate these flavours at home? Where The Pancakes Are offers DIY pancakes meal kits, which you can order online, for UK nationwide delivery.

Location: Southwark / Fitzrovia

Instagram: wherethepancakesare

Eggbreak is no doubt my favourite brunch restaurant in London ever. The Cornflakes Nutella French Toast may steal quite the spotlight but their Ari Pancakes are quite the showstopper too! These pancakes come stacked with bananas, raspberries, and salted caramel butter/vanilla coconut cream (vegan). Just like everything else on their menu, the Ari Pancakes are absolutely delicious and leave you wanting more.

Location: Notting Hill

Instagram: eggbreak_ldn

Those gluten-free pancakes from A.O.K Kitchen ooze sophistication and are absolutely delicious. A.O.K Kitchen prides itself as a space for inclusivity, featuring a menu free from refined sugar and conscious to limit its dairy and gluten use. The AOK Pancakes are cooked in the oven instead of the frying pan and come served with organic maple syrup, coconut chantilly & fresh berries. They might be on the expensive end but worthwhile as an occasional treat.

Location: Marylebone


Just a few steps away from A.O.K Kitchen above is Chiltern Firehouse, who is known for serving some of the best pancakes in London. Again, they are definitely pricier than your usual pancake stack but it’s going to be well worth it. Chiltern Firehouse is a former firehouse in Marylebone that has been transformed into an acclaimed Hotel & Restaurant. Their gorgeous pancakes come served with toppings on the side, including blueberries, crème fraîche & maple syrup.

Location: Marylebone

Instagram: chilternfirehouse

Its grand art-deco glamour attracts both Londoners and tourists alike, and its pancake stacks look just as gorgeous as the grandeur of its interior. These incredibly fluffy pancakes are regularly featured on The Wolseley’s breakfast menu and are easily their most popular breakfast item. Choose from just a simple side of maple syrup or get them topped with a variety of seasonal berries. That elegant stack of pancakes is no doubt the key to a start of a perfect day!

Location: Green Park

Instagram: thewolseley

Their Ricotta Hotcakes (and silky scrambled eggs) took social media by storm at a time and continue to remain popular today as a firm favourite for best pancakes in London. The Granger is probably one of the first Australian brunch cafes that really took off and set up the London brunch scene back in the days. Their iconic ricotta hotcakes are as fluffy as they look, complete with banana (and sometimes strawberries), their signature honeycomb butter, and a side of maple syrup. We visited a good couple of years ago at their Clerkenwell branch and you can read more about our review & experience here.

Location: Nottinghill / Clerkenwell / Chelsea / Kings Cross

Instagram: grangerandco

You didn’t think I’m going to forget about Japanese Souffle Pancakes on this list, did you?! Fuwafuwa might have come into the market first, but personally, I would recommend Cha Cha Roll instead (up for debate). A variety of topping combos are available, including Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Premium Matcha, Custard Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Strawberry Pistachio, and Mango Pomelo. In addition, Cha Cha Roll offers a fully halal savoury menu serving Bento Boxes and more!

Location: Covent Garden

Instagram: chacharolluk

Speaking of Japanese Souffle Pancakes, here’s another one that serves up a variety of flavour combos and also comes with an Instagrammable backdrop! Coffee Addict London has been making waves in the London foodie scene, featuring an all-day brunch menu with souffle pancakes options that are just too good to resist. Classic flavours aside, their flavour combos also include Apple Pie filling, Ube pancakes, etc. and even a Truffle 24k Gold savoury option. It’s the perfect spot for a girly brunch date and for showing off on Instagram thanks to its pink interiors and flower walls.

Location: Victoria

Instagram: coffeeaddict_official

When it comes to pancakes, American style wins by a mile in my opinion. Outsider Tart offers proper American-style pancakes, which come in serving sizes of short, regular, or long haul. They also offer weekends specials as well, featuring flavour combos that’d guarantee to ‘feed your soul’.

Location: Chiswick

Instagram: outsidertart

Fancy something a little different? Why not try out Gunpowder’s pancakes with an Indian twist? Gunpowder restaurant is a popular Indian restaurant in town and is known for its lip-smacking lamb chops and tandoori chicken. But the biggest surprise could be their pancakes on the brunch menu! Cardamom and pistachio pancakes topped with caramelised bananas, a dollop of crème fraiche, and served with maple and rose syrup, they totally taste as heavenly as they sounded and no doubt a showstopper.

*Gunpowder is currently not serving breakfast until 14th March 2022

Location: Tower Bridge

Instagram: gunpowder_london

Whenever I see Stacked Dutch Pancakes at a food market, I just couldn’t resist them! Making only mini Dutch pancakes, a.k.a Poffertjes, these pancakes are seriously too cute to withdraw. Mini and fluffy, each order comes in 12 Poffertjes, dusted with icing sugar and toppings of your choice. No matter what you pick, that loaded plate of pancakes are totally going to put a smile on your face.

Location: Camden

Instagram: stackeduk

Whether you want thin or thick pancakes, savoury or sweet, or mini poffertjes, My Old Dutch has got it all. Their extensive menu offers a wide variety of toppings combos, as well as seasonal flavours, or simply design your own!

Location: Chelsea / Kensington / Holborn

Instagram: myolddutchpancakes

The local gem of Brixton Village, Burnt Toast Cafe, serves up some of the fluffiest and arguably best pancakes in London. They come with the toppings combo of your choice and are drenched in both maple syrup and butterscotch sauce. French toasts may be their headlines but their pancakes are one not to be missed. Their usual crowd and queue is the perfect testament to how good these pancakes are.

Location: Brixton

Whether it’s Scarlett Green, Barbie Green, Timmy Green, Daisy Green…Daisy Green Collection’s range of Aussie cafes easily makes one of the most popular brunch spots in London. Their Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes, topped with fresh berries, honey mascarpone cream, and pure maple, are a popular catch. I mean, how could one not love them when it’s also prettily topped with a flower as well?

Location: Marylebone (Daisy Green) / Soho (Scarlett Green) / Moorgate (Barbie Green) / Victoria (Timmy Green)

Instagram: daisygreencollection

So, personally, we didn’t enjoy the pancakes at Sunday at Brooklyn much. However, I will include them on this list only because of their constant hype and popularity. The popular New York brunch restaurant has crossed the pond the opened in the beautiful area of Notting Hill and their ‘Sunday Pancakes’ have been all over the headlines. Those humongous pancakes are definitely a showstopper to the eye. Try it yourself for a verdict but it’s a pass from us. You can read more about our review and experience at Sunday at Brooklyn London here.

Location: Notting Hill

Instagram: sundayinbrooklyn_ldn

15 Places For Breakfast In London

If you are looking for the best English breakfast in London most agree this is the place to go.

This unassuming cafe has a history as long as your arm and countless awards and film credits. It’s somewhat of an institution.

The interior is of an art deco influence but nothing fancy, in fact, you might walk in here and feel you have the one place.

The Regency opened in 1946 and has been serving proper English food since then.

Many agree it serves the best breakfast in central London and it’s also very reasonably priced.

Full English Breakfast which consists of 1 egg, and 2 rashers of bacon. sausage, and beans/tomatoes toast, and a hot drink come in under 7.00 USD.

There are other breakfast items on the menu but it’s mainly of the fried variety. This isn’t the place you come for something healthy or unusual.

It is a popular place and you might often find yourself queuing and let me tell you if English people are queuing for breakfast you know it’s good.

If you are spending a day in London and need to set yourself up for the day then this is the London breakfast spot for you. The Regency serves the best breakfast in Westminster.

If you like your breakfast more on the adventurous side then Brother Marcus is the place for you. Founded by 3 best friends they bring the taste of the Eastern Mediterranean to London.

They have four restaurants in London all in great areas and all similar. All are open for breakfast but times differ so check before you go.

They are located in South Kensington, Borough Yards, Spitalfields, and Angel. Brother Marus serves the best breakfast in Borough and South Kensington.

Breakfast here is more of a brunch style and is served until midday. Most come here for the Sweet Potato Fritters which come piled with goodies.

However other notable menu options include the Sugar Mama which is a homemade doughnut, with date and tahini ice cream and the bottomless prosecco and cocktails is an added extra.

This brunch in London is truly delicious and is a great place to come with friends or to have a leisurely early lunch before exploring some hidden London gems.

Oh, and as an added bonus this place and food are super Instagram-able.

One thing you may not know about the English is they absolutely love Indian food. In fact, the national dish is Indian curry.

Dishoom has various locations in London and elsewhere and has become the go-to place for some of the best Indian cuisine. The breakfasts here are incredible.

If you have never had an Indian breakfast before you are in for a treat. Think fluffy naan bread, crispy bacon, runny fried eggs, and just the right amount of spices.

The Big Bombay Breakfast is a bestseller! It includes akuri, char-striped smoked streaky bacon, peppery Shropshire pork sausages.

Also, masala beans, grilled field mushrooms, grilled tomato, and buttered, homemade buns. Akuri is spicy scrambled eggs in case you were wondering.

I could go on and on about the breakfast food and drink here, everything is mouth-watering. They have vegetarian options and a vegan and gluten-free menu.

Another thing to note is that these places are all stunning. This is elevated decor that invites you to relax and enjoy.

They have restaurants in Kensington, Carnaby, Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, and Kings Cross. They all have distinctive designs that match the locations.

This is one of the best breakfasts in London but you might have to wait as all these restaurants are trendy and busy. Dishoom serves the best breakfast in Covent Garden.

If you are an Eggs Benedict fan then this is the place to have a London breakfast in a great environment.

This hotel and the restaurant are delightful. Think Grand European Cafe and you have the style of this place.

All this grandeur comes with a price tag but if you are celebrating it’s well worth it. Expect a Full English to be over $22.00 USD.

It is just a little less for their famous Eggs Benedict in a large portion.

The location is perfect right in the heart of Piccadilly. It’s a great way to start the day before your London sightseeing.

If you are after the best breakfast in the world this is probably where you will find it, It’s certainly the best breakfast in Piccadilly.

You guessed it this place serves eggs all day. Here you will find eggs cooked every way you thought possible and a few you would never have thought of.

Eggbreak serves the best breakfast in Notting Hill.

How about an egg with jerked spices and pork? Or a poached egg with tahini mayonnaise? Yes, eggs here really are the main feature.

For Notting Hill, it is reasonably priced and therefore does get busy but you can join a virtual queue. For the best breakfast in Notting Hill come here.

Oh and if you can save room for the sweet options as their french toast and pancakes are delicious. This is one of the best breakfast places in London.

This family-owned restaurant is one of the best places in London for breakfast.

The food is all locally sourced coming from local markets. Terry used to work at Smithfield Market so he knows good produce.

This is a good old English fry-up type breakfast with many options and a vegan alternative. Think meat, eggs, black pudding, bubble and squeak, that kind of thing.

The cafe started as a casual eating spot for builders, construction workers, and the like and it has kept to its roots which is rather charming. Locals love this place.

The portions are large, the food delicious and the company always entertaining.

If you want a real taste of London this is a great place to come. Without a doubt, this is one of the best breakfast restaurants in London.

One of the best London breakfast places.

If you are after a rather trendy spot to have London brunch then this is the place. Set in a historic building behind the station it’s all industrial chic, open kitchen, and great coffee.

The menu is eclectic and has more of a modern offering. Smashed avocado on toast, with crispy chickpeas, and vanilla pancakes with lemon curd cheese are all menu examples.

It’s a very casual vibe and is quite large so can often accommodate you easily.

Oh, and there is a terrace looking over a fountain for added bonus points. It’s the best breakfast in Kings Cross with a great view.

This is one of the best places in London for breakfast.

With restaurants in Chelsea, Clerkenwell, Kings Cross, Marylebone, and Notting Hill these restaurants started by an Australian are designed to bring sunshine to the rainy U.K.

They are bright stylish places with a laid-back atmosphere serving great fresh food. When it comes to breakfast restaurants in London there really is something here for everyone.

The ricotta hotcakes, with banana and honeycomb butter, are a favorite with visitors as is the toasted coconut bread and butter.

This is sunshine food and the vegans and vegetarians will be very happy here.

This is one of the best breakfasts in London especially if the weather is grey and you need a little pick-me-up.

If you are after breakfast with a view then this is the place for you. 40 floors up on the summit of Heron Tower it is the highest 24-hour restaurant in London.

Breakfast here is a real treat not only will you find regular items but also more unusual fare like Duck Egg En Cocotte, Columbian Eggs, and Duck and Waffle.

You will need to book as it’s one of the best places in London for breakfast and is rather famous. Considering all this the prices are pretty reasonable but expect to pay around $50 for two people.

It’s also one of the best places for a Sunday London brunch. You will find vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. This is the best place for breakfast in Bishopgate.

With 13 locations in London, these spots are popular for a reason. While the name can’t help but conjure up a certain movie it’s the piled-high pancake stacks that pull the customer here.

There is something so fun about these places shunning the hipster hangout name they were given for the simple word of caf, yes not cafe, caf.

This sets the tone, as this is not a place that takes itself seriously you won’t find airs and graces here.

In their own words, they create ‘warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach food’.

The menu is extensive and will please everyone. The Full Monty is the best English breakfast in London and the fried chicken french toast sounds interesting.

It is popular and gets busy so get there early and it really is worth the wait. This is one of the best breakfast places in London.

If you are looking for vegetarian and vegan breakfast in London then Maggies is the place to go.

With six locations they each have their own unique style and personality. All are ultra stylish, welcoming, lively and fresh, and bright.

This is one of the best London breakfast places for vegans with all the usual breakfast suspects with plant-based alternatives.

Expect things like harissa v’egg bap, banana butterscotch pancakes, and sweetcorn fritters.

They also do the best weekend brunch in London. Items on the brunch include a huge range of plant-based lunch/breakfast items.

Maggies is one of the best breakfast places in London for vegans.

If you are after the best brunch in London The Table Cafe does it best. For over 15 years they have been serving London brunch from 8 am – 4 pm and people love it.

It’s simple dishes cooked exceptionally with great service. The menu is large with vegetarian and vegan options.

Items include Smoked Ham Hock and Chorizo, The Breakfast Steak, Eggs Benedict, and a host of other delicious-sounding items.

This is definitely one of the places to get the best breakfast in Southwark.

If you are after a really different breakfast experience then how about Japanese? There are three of these restaurants in London, one in Hackey, one in the city, and one in Soho. Soho is the original.

It’s a simple-style restaurant serving food at communal tables. The breakfasts are light yet filling and are entirely Japanese.

Menu items consist of things such as Kama Tama which is eggs, soy sauce, and spring onions, Kinoko which is porridge and mushrooms and various rice and noodles dishes.

Noodles in a delicious broth with fried egg, bacon, and shiitake mushroom make a real change from English breakfast fare.

If you are looking for breakfast in London that is a little more unusual this is the place to come. It’s the best breakfast in Soho.

Frizzante offers something a little bit different. It’s a rustic Italian-style cafe opposite a city farm with a menu based on homegrown and local produce.

Here you get free-range scrambled eggs and micro greens and while the menu is short it has an option for everyone including vegans.

It operates Thursday to Sunday until 2 pm and is wonderful if you love that farm-to-table concept.

This is the best place for breakfast in Hackney.

I feel like a visit to Sketch should make a list of the things to do in London let alone a list of breakfast places. It really is that iconic.

Chances are you have seen this place all over Instagram. It’s most famous for its egg pod toilets and the pink gallery room which has since been painted yellow.

Sketch is located in a grand three-story Georgian townhouse and it’s possibly one of the quirkiest restaurants you will ever visit.

It’s a place fuelled by art and everything here is designed to entice and delight you. It is honestly a visual dream.

Its popularity means it’s busy and you will need to book but if you are after a special breakfast this is the place.

Breakfast is served in the Parlour and The Glade. The menus are the same but if you can try and get in The Glade.

The Glade is an enchanted fairytale forest filled with hand-painted velvet, gold accents, and mirrored table. It is truly stunning.

The menu isn’t large and the choice is limited but you come here for the ambiance. The prices aren’t that bad considering the venue. Scrambled eggs with feta and mushrooms are currently around $14 for example.

If you get a table here believe me it’s worth it for the experience. This is the best breakfast in Mayfair.

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As you can see when it comes to breakfast in London the choices are endless. Whatever you want chances are you can find it in London.

Whether you are looking for breakfast with a London view or the best breakfast in the world you will find it here.

These breakfast places in London are all brilliant in their own right and all offer something different from the other. I hope this list has helped with your choice and I look forward to hearing which one you visit.

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