Stores Similar To Pottery Barn And Where Find Affordable Pottery Barn Style Furniture

Let’s not pretend like we all don’t like shopping. I obviously love shopping for home decor (unfortunately for my husband). But I also love finding deals and I despise paying full price for anything and I really despise paying for shipping.

I made three trips the the World Market that is 40 minutes from my house to bring home our new sectional…that’s how much I hate paying for shipping.

I also love to find designer dupes or look alike items that are a fraction of the cost of the more expensive item.

This post kind of piggy backs off of another post I wrote about where to find affordable home decor.

I haven’t re-read that post in a while so there is a good chance there might be some overlap so I’ll apologize now.

And like I do with most of my posts, I like to start with one of my favorites…

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Stores like Pottery Barn

Online Furniture Buying Tips

One of the best tips to buy furniture online for your dining room is to focus first on the table. Deciding on the shape of your dining table will help with the measurements needed. Begin with measuring the room. Often people buy tables that are too large for their space so this is key. With this in hand, you can consider the shape that would be most suitable. An oval table works well in a smaller room making the space feel less crowded. Although round tables are best for accommodating the most people, they are not ideal for small spaces since they limit the traffic flow around them. Square tables work best in narrow spaces and rectangular tables are perfect in long rooms.

Whichever shape you choose, remember that to keep about a 50″ space between the edges of the table and the walls all around. Make sure to examine the photos when buying new furniture online. Most websites have multiple photos for each piece including full room shots. This way you can see the dining table to scale with other pieces in the room and make a proportion based decision.

While testing out furniture is not an option when going online furniture shopping, many online retailers offer free returns and swatches. There are a number of tips that help and there are online interior designers that can help to advise on the fit and comfort level. Reading customer reviews, taking note of guarantees and returns, and ordering samples of upholstery fabric for custom orders are good practices to keep in mind. Before adding that sofa to your cart, it is also important to measure, measure, measure. To better visualize the dimensions, use a tape measure and painter’s tape to outline the placement in the living room. The last thing you want is a sofa that is either too large or small in your space.

When selecting the shape of your sofa also consider how you like to lounge. While the average sofa has 60 cm of seat depth, these can vary. Decide how you are most comfortable sitting. Do you have longer legs and like a lounge component to the sofa? Do you prefer taller seat heights for comfort watching TV? This type of preplanning according to needs and preferences will save you money in return costs and the tiresome experience of starting over.

If spending a lot of time working from home, buying quality furniture online for your home office is essential. Spend time looking at reviews for things like desk chairs which will directly impact comfort. With filters available, you can sort through options that are highly rated and fit within your budget. Comfortable home office furniture should look good but also make you feel good. Personalize pieces according to your height. Using the measurement filters online is key to ensure desk and chair height are adequate.

Another thing that is helpful is to assess how much room you have. Determine which chair and table surface you want and measure it out in your office space. You’d be surprised how quickly a room fills up. If you’re able to design in phases, start with the essential pieces first and then gauge how much room you have for other items.

Online furniture shopping for bedrooms can be simplified by shopping established collections created by certain brands. If you want matching furniture sets this is a great way to approach your design. Whether you’d like your dresser and nightstands to have the same look or prefer mismatched pieces, determining your style is important. Contemporary furniture tends to have clean lines and a minimal look while a traditional style is more classic and at times ornate.

If you’re unsure how to best mix interior design styles or make sure a new item from your online shopping works well with an existing piece, visualizing the room significantly helps. An Online Interior Design Service can offer professional guidance and even deliver photorealistic 3D renderings. These give you the most accurate peek at what your future bedroom could be.

Having an outdoor space that is livable adds to the value of being at home. When buying patio furniture online, there are a few things to remember:

Now that you have a guiding tips on how to successfully shop furniture online, here is a list of top 25 best online furniture stores to visit.

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About Jerome’s Furniture

We’re not like other furniture stores. Period. We work to offer you better prices, greater convenience, and superior service every time you shop with us.

Jerome’s Furniture began as the dream of Jim and Esther Navarra. Wanting everyone to feel welcome was a priority when they opened their first furniture store over 65 years ago. If you weren’t on a first-name basis when you walked in, you would be by the time you left!

Jerome’s is still owned and operated by the Navarra family. Jerry and Ann Navarra joined the business in the early 1970’s, and the 900-employee company features six Navarra family members, three of whom are third-generation retailers. We have extended our reach in the greater Southern California area over the years. All the while, we’ve remained committed to bringing our customers high-quality home furnishings at everyday low prices. A lot has changed since 1954. But treating our customers like family never changes.

Today, the same family values remain our foremost goal in offering only the best for every family: the best prices, the best selection, and the best shopping experience. As a locally owned family business with years of experience, we’re not like other furniture stores. We work to offer you better value, greater convenience, and superior service every time. Whether you’re stepping into one our Jerome’s Furniture stores or purchasing online from our website, we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

It all starts with Jerry’s Price: the unbeatable value, everyday price guarantee. Jerry’s Price beats a sale price any day. You might think a sale means you’re getting a good deal. But Jerome’s everyday low prices actually beat their sometimes-special “sale” prices. You don’t have to wait and time your purchase. Jerry’s Price is our lowest price all the time. No inflated costs, no negotiating skills needed, and a great value no matter when it is time to upgrade your furniture.

Once you’ve found the perfect furniture for your home, take advantage of our convenient delivery options. Jerome’s offers several methods to suit your needs, from do-it-yourself pickup to Premium White Glove Delivery, complete with assembly and setup services. We make it easy and stress-free to transform your space with beautiful furnishings.

And we make it affordable. With Jerry’s Financing options, you can purchase the comfy furniture you want today with payments that are equally comfortable for your wallet.

Providing families with furniture is our job. But putting people first in everything we do is the way we accomplish it. Our people-first approach is our commitment to providing a sense of care and a culture of honesty for all employees. We know that by putting our people first, they’ll always put our customers first. And, as a long-time member of Southern California community, we take our role as a good neighbor seriously. That’s why Jerome’s is always involved in giving back to our community. From participating in neighborhood walks, The Pride event, and sponsorship of several local sports teams, Jerome’s is deeply involved and invested.

But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to experience the Jerome’s Way for yourself. We invite you to come by and see what we have in store for your family. Learn more about our story


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IKEA Family members save 5% in-store on all furniture and décor*

Plus get special offers, free in-store perks, price protection and more. It’s free to join and you’ll be saving in no time!
*Some restrictions apply, see full Terms & Conditions.

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